DJI Mavic Pro: Downloading Log Files

So I’m still waiting to hear from DJI regarding the crash data. In the mean time, I figured I’d show other users what DJI has asked me to do in order to get the flight data that they need. There are 2 pieces of software that I had to use to obtain the logs.

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  1. Salf

    Sorry my English language not good
    How about, after updating to new version of dji mavic air firmware it goes to ?? What happening? How to fix this

  2. InfoPakxe

    Haven't browse through all the site as much, well don't consider me lazy if you happen to know are there any possibilities on how to extract the GPS log before it crashes?

    I flew my drones via drones deploy surveying the jungle, and now it crashes it couldn't come back to me before the battery dry off. It's kinda hard to physically walk inside the jungle, so any ideas on how to extract its latest GPS location from RC?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Dave Gibbs

    Hi Nicholas. I got kind of lost with this one. I successfully download a couple of flight log files to my local Windows computer using the DJI Assistant as you demonstrated. The downloaded files are DAT files and not actually manageable in a Windows operating system. Then you switched to connecting the RC and using the DJI download tool you got from DJI but I was left with no idea what the use is for those resulting DATA files off of the RC and you did not explain that (the use) or I missed it somehow.

    Trying to figure two things:
    1. Why you ended up getting a download tool from DJI that is not on their web site and why that is
    2. What can or should be done with the DATA files and what form are those files in?

    If I want to do a detailed review of my flight log(s) myself… do I do that?


  4. Eddie K

    Following this whole thread. Well done Nicholas. I'm eager to find out what is going on, as I have a Mavic on order also. Being the Mavic is so new, It's kind of scary. But the unit is so beautiful, small and conveniently stowes away, everyone can't help themselves, but to want one. Regardless of the early problems.

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