DJI Mavic Pro – DON’T Get This Setting WRONG! | Soft Footage Fix

The best settings for the DJI Mavic Pro to avoid soft, mushy footage and keep the image sharp.
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In this video I talk about the soft, smeary, footage that can show up you DJI Mavic Pro footage with certain settings. These shots were done with D-CineLike color profile +1, -1, 0. Firmware v01.03.0600

The conclusion is that the Mavic applies a very poor in-camera noise reduction to the shadows at sharpness settings below +1. I suggest leaving sharpness settings at +1 for all golden hour shooting. If shooting at noon with lots of trees, sharpening at 0 may be preferable because there will be very little shadows in the image, and this will avoid an over-sharpened look.

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23 Replies to “DJI Mavic Pro – DON’T Get This Setting WRONG! | Soft Footage Fix”

  1. B Roll Offroad

    hey this is awesome, can't wait to try it out! early on i saw 2 videos claiming the -1 across the board but i'm unhappy 90% of the time. kept trying different ND's, speeds and stuff in post but this is all making a lot of sense. sub'd.

  2. thesoulkeeper31

    Last week I changed all my settings hoping to have more control over the image and it wasn't until yesterday that I flew the drone. Seeing how incredibly soft the image was at 4K, was like being thrown a bucket of cold water over my head. Such a disappointment. I'm going to change the setting right now and see how much of a difference this makes for me.

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