DJI Mavic Pro 2 vs DJI Mavic Zoom | Complete Review + Comparison

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34 Replies to “DJI Mavic Pro 2 vs DJI Mavic Zoom | Complete Review + Comparison”

  1. SHAAN

    I dont know why everyone say "Mavic pro 2" and "Mavic Zoom". That is not the name of the drones…. Its "Mavic 2" with 2 variants i.e. Pro and Zoom… So it is "Mavic 2 Pro" and "Mavic 2 Zoom". Thank You.

  2. Joakim Augustsson

    Which of the 2 PRO or ZOOM has the best compatable vidoe in AUTO with other cameras like GOPRO or Garmin VIRB? I mean if you dont want to colorgrade too much and just want to blend drone with regular actioncamera vids which one is closest to actioncameras in color and whitebalance?

  3. Infinite Altitude

    Website error: When I click on Mavic 2 Pro footage on your website, file 1 seems to be just a link to DJI website; instead of a video file. File 2 did trigger a download of the footage. I didn't click on the others.

  4. Patrick G

    Such a beautiful drone, I had a hubsan h501s and something happened in interference, it flew off and I never seen it again. Sad day for me. I wish I could afford the mavic 2 Zoom, such an awesome beautiful machine! Unfortunately I cannot so watch these videos in hopes one day I will, very good job on this, I love your videos! Thank you again, these mavics are my dream

  5. Dave N

    I see too many mavic 2 pro & zoom videos with a constant frame flickering every three to four seconds. Please stress the importance of using of the appropriate high speed microSD card for video recording.

  6. Patrick Mac Cann - Communication visuelle, web-design et photo

    Hey Tom! I just ordered the Mavic Pro 2 with DJI care and the fly more kit. After lots of research and hours of youtube videos, I finally chose the pro. I made the effort to come back to this video to thank you and also to use your affiliate link to place my order! I hope it worked correctly! Thank you for your detailed and complete review and all the time and effort you put in. Subbed!

  7. Aftab Sudhozai

    Great reviews. Thanks you very much bro. For university event video coverage, which drone should we buy? I consider Mavic 2 zoom because there is live audio involve in our events so we can use little zoom, not to disturb speeches & lectures. Need you suggestion?

  8. Norm Calfin

    Now that the honeymoon phase is over with the Mavic 2 pro, more and more pilots have found that the zoom obtains cleaner shots without needing to fix them in post. Over and over Mavic 2 Pro owners are saying that they are disappointed with the clarity for most video purposes. The Hasselblad camera was a definite hook at first. Now I can SEE clearly! Your video comparison confirmed that I will purchase the ZOOM! Thanks, Tom! Now what to do with my Mavic Pro and a suitcase full of accessories?!

  9. Carlos Avalos

    Hi Tom, I am a serious amateur photographer and only interested on images. Once both mavics were launched I thought that my option was "no brainer" with mavic 2 Pro but after seeing a lot of video comparisons and the fact that M2Z has the option of high resolution images now I am very confusing what would be the right option for me. I will appreciate your comments and thanks before hand.

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