DJI Mavic Mini Follow Mode, Panorama Photos, Waypoints, Orbit mode & More!

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43 Replies to “DJI Mavic Mini Follow Mode, Panorama Photos, Waypoints, Orbit mode & More!”

  1. Terry Green

    Also check out Dronelink it supports the Mini, and by the looks of it has the same if not more features than Litchi, and is already fully supporting the Mini, not a beta. I was looking at getting Litchi, when I saw a video on Dronelink, now not sure which one to get, thinking more towards Dronelink

  2. jarl Andruha der grosse her

    Awesome. I orderd phantom4 2.0, my first drone.
    It would be great to have a recharging dock at the roof, and make a timetable for drone to patrol territory automatically… I live near the forest and have a lot of foxes and jackals, that come not far from my house to eat a rabbits or chickens, so it could be useful to have a function of scaring wild animals, rec a videos of intruders etc

  3. Sir Gregory

    I think you forgot to show the link to the Aussie who has been testing Litchi on a Mavic Mini. His channel name is "Drone The Sky". My favourite video of his is a test of follow mode where he locks onto two fighting kangaroos. Amazing.

  4. Drew Stevenson

    Is the way point mission uploaded fully or does the controller just give the next steps. Could this be used to go behind an obstruction and the return or would it freak out because it lost signals and thus the next instructions?

  5. Peter van der Kant

    Here is a question from the Netherlands. I bought the Litchi for my iPhone to use for my DJI Mavic Mini. The app works (GPS) but the Litchi app is not making contact with my DJI Mini. Do I have to delete the original DJI app. Or the DJI app on an iPhone only makes contact with the DJI mini if โ€‹โ€‹you are a beta tester

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