DJI Mavic Mini: Flying to 0% Battery – RTH, Critical Battery & Auto Power-Off explained

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As you drain the battery when flying, the Mavic Mini will initiate a number of automatic safety features to stop it from crashing. Low Battery Return to Home, Critical Battery Autoland and Forced Auto
Power-off Landing. These all kick in with little warning and can catch you out as the Mini will suddenly move or land with little warning and without input from you. I show you exactly what happens and also lose my drone requiring me to use the Find My drone function to retrieve it from the cornfield. Note: Draining the battery to 0% is a quick way to damage the battery.

Grime’s Graves: Ending bonus footage of a nice evening flight around Grime’s Graves Neolithic Flint Mine in Thetford Forest, Norfolk. The dimples are the old mining pits that were dug out by hand, mined, then filled with earth after with earth from the next pit being dug. Each pit is around 20 feet across and went down around 40-50 feet where a network of smaller tunnels branched off for the miners to chisel away the flint. More info:

Music in today’s video: “This Way Up” Written & performed by Ralph Burnet @

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40 Replies to “DJI Mavic Mini: Flying to 0% Battery – RTH, Critical Battery & Auto Power-Off explained”

  1. John

    Thanks Ian, you answered my question about whether or not you had any control over the elevation when entering the 1st critical battery warning. I didn't think you did. Of all the critical warnings rapidly occurring, would be nice if that little piece of information was displayed. 🙄 Thanks again!

  2. Igor

    Thank you for great review, quick question, if drone landed on water in low battery mode, is it still ok for replacement via dji care plan? Thanks

  3. Mc Lovin

    Can you please confirm; When it is in critical landing state and still accepting stick inputs, that pressing the 'Tap to cancel landing' button (displayed on the left side of screen) does nothing? I wonder why it is even there….

  4. Oguz Cakir

    I was about to lose mine during strong wind the other day , lost connection but luckily mini managed to get back on its own . I discovered that the target you are flying towards can actually be a lot further than you think . From a distance I thought mini was already on the target but when I checked the screen , it was meters away 🙂 Thank you for the video Ian .

  5. Dennis Brooks

    Ian, how do you feel about dust covers? I know they add, aluminum, 3 grams or so of weight. I know it can depend on where you live and if sand or dust is common on landing. My question is will the motors overheat with these caps in place? Any insight? They would also keep moisture out flying in clouds. I flew by clouds as a helicopter pilot, stuck out my hand and felt the warmth before evaporation cooled my hand. Lots of fun. Any way to contact DJI on such questions and to request they call the blade mounting "screws" spindles. Some on YouTube are recommending not changing the "screws", just the blades. Not a good idea in a high grit environment where the fretting of the blades will grind the spindle.

  6. 82ShootMe

    Thank You so much for your Video, it helped me a lot to figure out where to find my lost Mavic Air.
    I was taking some nice shots over a giant Man Made Hole with Giant Excavators (Tagebau Hambach Germany) from a Platform on top of a small Hill, what i didn`t realize was that there where strong Winds that pushed the Drone out a bit to much, i tryed to fly it back before the RTH Point was reached, in Sport Mode it only reached about 15-20 km/h, and than it hit the 6% Battery point and said it would land now, this was about 250m away from my starting point and already 20m below me, due to the Tree Coverage at some Point i Lost the connection to the Drone, last Position in "Find my Drone" was at the Edge where the Trees started down there, so i took the short Route to get down and try to find my Drone, but it was nowhere to be seen, the Remote must have caught a Signal on my Way down it was Upside Down and Grass in front of the Camera… it didn`t took long for some Workers to spot me there searching, they helped a little, but the Drone seemed to be gone, and i had to leave this Place because Civilists are not allowed down there.
    So i Yesterday asked a Friend which is working there for help, he took me to the Spot where the App has the last known Location, we searched every little Spot with Grass and still nothing to find there, so i had to go again without my Drone… and then i saw your Video Yesterday Evening, that the Drone will respond to the Remote Signals until the Battery is really at 0% and i just decends when you let got the Sticks, so i opened up the App ad watched back the last Flight Record with Stick Controls shown, it was at 99% forward when it lost the Signal (where it Recorded or send it last Position), so i asked my Friend if i could try to search somewhere above this position again, and i could. Today i was there zigzaging my Way down to cover some Ground from the Direction of Flight and last known Position, just a little further up, and i would say 50m beyond the marked Position i Found the Drone between some Trees, nothing was broken, just a bit Wet and Dirty.
    If i hadn`t seen your Video i for sure would have not tryed to find it again, but so i could retrieve it, and maybe it helps someone else to figure out the Position where the Drone is, when you have a Signal the last Position will be accurate, but when you lost Signal because of Trees or something else, you need to know what commands you gave last and for how long.

    And Again thank you so much for that Video.

  7. Sabeesan Bass

    My drone lost yesterday cuz of strong wind and I didn’t put the automatic land thing so my drone went somewhere and my drone battery died. I couldn’t find my drone. I tried in find my drone It showed the last time connection lost place but I searched that place but I couldn’t find my drone. Plz someone help me

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