DJI Mavic Mini FLY MORE COMBO Unboxing, Inspection & Setup

Enjoy my in-depth DJI MAVIC MINI Fly More COMBO Unboxing, Inspection & Setup. Combo Here
Ultimate FlyMore Combo Kit
Starter Combo with bag, SD Card & More
Standard Mini

My Tried and True Gear that works:
Drone Launch Pad
One+ 6T Phone – Fly App Never Crashes
Apple Ipad Air 2
DJI Action 4K Hat Cam
Sony 4K Action Hat Cam
DJI Osmo Pocket 4K Tracking Cam
Portable Body MIC
SD Card for all 4K Recording that lasts
3D Printable SD Card Tool
Portable Compact Table
Portable Chair with built-in Sunshade
Full Featured Mobile Power Station
Wrist Watch

Whether you think you need the propeller guards or not, this is a great combo kit value if only for the extra batteries, multi charger and propellers!

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Mavic Mini Playlist Here

– Dustin & Family
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49 Replies to “DJI Mavic Mini FLY MORE COMBO Unboxing, Inspection & Setup”

  1. Bobby Tucker

    I couldn't find any instructions on charging my controller, I think I figured it out and used one of the cables with a usb connector, I kept it on the charger until it lit up 4 lights solidly. BTW, I'm going to turn 71 y/o tomorrow, June 19, 2020 and this is my first time with a DJI Mavic Mini so, any pointers anyone would like to share with me will be greatly appreciated. I'm subbed and left a thumbs up, I also clicked on the bell in hopes of seeing more of your videos on this Mavic Mini. Thank's again for sharing.

  2. Just ME Onlyme

    So I have a Fly More Combo from Apple $499. $450 with government employee discount, the date was 1/2020 on the box. The 3 batteries were about 1 or 2 dots of charge (on that charger pack at 9:40). (just a note, seems everything at Apple is going out of stock and not refilling).
    I also have a Costco bundle Mavic Mini with the Mavic Mini Charging Base the date is 4/2020 on the box. That kit comes with 2 batteries, Mavic Mini and the Charging Base for $389.99. Those two batteries were dead like your in this video. Now I look, this video is 11/2019! So DJI must have a few companies that are making batteries I guess. Saving the cost of labor to do an initial charge on the batteries? I am concerned because I don't know if the batteries with a slight charge are going to last longer then the ones with no charge. I am refunding the Fly More Combo because of the price. I bought it because it comes with extra batteries, then I saw the Costco deal for $10 cheaper then any other store, and it has an extra battery. If you want an extra battery, the Costco deal is the way to go. If you want 2 extra batteries, case, charge plug, and prop guards, this Fly More Combo is the way to go at $450 Apple Gov discount. But when you are in the $500 range for the Mavic Mini… I just can't see not spending the extra for the Air 2… it was a very tough decision for me until I saw the Costco deal. $420 with tax.

  3. Meister Rodgers

    Thank you for the video. Enjoyable indeed. I just ordered this kit and I am super excited. It is one gram less than the weight restrictions, no having to have all the certifications for flights. Perfect basically.

  4. kh kumara

    Actually this video is 🥇 No:01"Mavic Mini Fly More Combo Unboxing Review" according to my is very good and clear "unboxing review" at YOUTUBE.I admire it👌 . good luck my friend!👏 (නියමයි සුද්දා👍!)

  5. Jeffrey Sonders

    Check the DJI FLY app first!!!!
    I had to send mine back because the DJI Fly APP was not compatible with my MOTO G4 phone. Thanks, DJI for the heartACHE !! No, I will not buy a new expensive smartphone because DJI is too lame. I really wanted this thing to work. Nice video of something I will never have!!

  6. Gadgetdad

    You make the best tutorial drone videos on YouTube. I really enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for your magnificent efforts. I live in London, in England and i may not be able to get the distances you achieve but I will sure have fun flying my Mavic Mini after learning from you. 🤝

  7. Alf

    hi Dustin, I'm just getting into drones, , and looking to buy one, can i ask you what would be your first choice between this and the DJI Spark and why? i eagerly await your reply

  8. Michael Wilbur

    Thanks for the Mavic Mini Series videos! Very informative! I actually just bought one last night and can't wait to get flying!

    I do have one question though: How ON EARTH did you accomplish plugging this in correctly on the first try ( 9:10 )? It usually takes the average human 8 or 9 tries.

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