DJI Mavic Mini 6 Months Later // Firmware Updates Changed EVERYTHING

New DJI Mini 2 video just went live!!!
This new firmware update just made the DJI Mavic Mini the best entry drone to buy for photographers and videographers!
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DJI Mavic Mini Review:
ND Filters:
Landing Pad:
The Mavic Air is $300 OFF!
This gives you better quality, further range, obstacle avoidance, and tracking
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23 Replies to “DJI Mavic Mini 6 Months Later // Firmware Updates Changed EVERYTHING”

  1. W YYR

    Help Help – just purchased Mavic Mini in August. Last week, we went thru the same procedures to connect the RC via my iphone. Mini was turned on. An error message 'RC not connect to mobile'.' displayed on my iphone. What was wrong with the RC ? any help in resolving this issue is very much appreciated

  2. Sohail Alam

    Hi Dan, here in India a drone under 250g does not need to be registered. I was confused between the Mini and the Air since the Air provides RAW images but after seeing your review and this video I feel the SOOC footage/images you get this drone is simply amazing. Just ordered my flymore combo on amazon yesterday. Thank you for the amazing content!

  3. docfaceful

    I heard the propeller guards make it over the weight for non registration in companies should make them lighter in (about a year)because never before buyers would rather not buy one because too much money to not be able to use a nice propeller gaurd accessory.what kind of accessory option is that?companies will make 3 axis gimble lighter(in a year)i can wait.this was my pick untill the no propeller guards rule

  4. Rei Matsuo

    We're looking for a drone to record our walks, hikes, travels, etc.

    Meaning, we're not that active, just casual walks, some monthly hikes at local park & trails, and maybe once a year vacation.

    From our reading some FAQ you need a Smartphone with WiFi. Unfortunately, we only have Talk Minutes and no Data Plans=Internet.

    We just hop on Public Free WiFi or home WiFi.

    We don't need a drone that gets epic high altitude movies.

    We need something that kinda circles and follow us around.

  5. Bruce Reynolds

    Just found this ,Nice info, I've had it since Christmas, bought it for the size, used it at a couple of weddings and for fun,. They are slowly updating with needed features. I think your in Orlando area, I'm in Altamonte, been doing weddings since the 90's to bad didn't have these tools back then,

  6. TEC Modélisme

    je voudrais votre avis , avant d'acheter le mavic mini
    ma questions , dji peut til bloquer le démarrage du mavic mini par l'application si par exemple je veut voler a coté de chez moi sur le stade de football quand il i a personne et que j'ai l'autorisation , si le stade par exemple et en zone rouge sur sa carte de vol merci d'avance

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