DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual Has Competition! Parrot Anafi Thermal FLIR Drone Launch

Hot on the heels of DJI are the French drone manufacturer, Parrot. Their latest model adds a FLIR thermal-imaging camera to the popular Anafi drone ( weighing just 315g but can it compete with the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual (

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34 Replies to “DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual Has Competition! Parrot Anafi Thermal FLIR Drone Launch”

  1. One More Stand

    It's not hard to beat the DJI Enterprise Dual, we got one for our hunting channel for game recovery. It does this poorly, in one year with all the software updates, playing with settings, you can barely pickup the heat from a person 15 to 20 feet off the ground. It can barely pickup my truck while its running. One of their selling points is search and rescue, DJI lost their ass on this drone, if they try to find it with their drone, they will never find it. The Parrot Bebop Pro Thermal did a better job than DJI, they should have stuck with it. Hopefully they don't follow DJI's footsteps and make something that doesn't work…..what a waste of money.

  2. DroneLord

    I have a Mavic 2 ED and am very impressed despite its low resolution thermal sensor. I think the light weight of the Anafi may also mean it will get blown around more in the wind. At first glance of the Anafi I am still impressed at its price but I won’t be trading in my Mavic any time soon either.

  3. Lawrence Wright

    Exactly what I am looking for for my roof inspection business. I can also see this as a great search and rescue tool. Weight is critical and the lack of obstacle avoidance is not a problem is you are careful.

  4. mike tipton

    Nice launch review. I've flown ANAFI with other DJI and Autel Evo drones. ANAFI holds its own. Best app for flight modes. Great camera, stability is really good even in harsh wind environments. Must be the design. Great flight time, easy to charge batteries. Not as good video wise as the M2P or EVO (which are really close btw with Evo getting an edge with 4K60fps). Pictures, and video are very good quality, and can easily be used in professional environments. The 180 tilt camera is amazing. I've done roof, and chimney inspections with the ANAFI and it's nice to have that tilt capability instead of having to wait for certain lighting to frame a shot. OA isn't a big deal if you know how to fly. I disable OA on most drones I fly as I find the OA to activate when making shots and OA seeing the sun, or other light anomalies as an obstacle thus ruining the shot. VLOS is key when flying, and if doing inspections or other real estate work etc then you are not too worried about OA. Too much weight is put on OA, but most people I know that fly professionally do not enable it in the first place. Next to impossible to get closeup inspection shots or video when OA is active.

  5. Spiky Josch

    If i use this kind of Copter ,with a Smartphone and Gamecotroller as a Transmitter , every Client will kick me from his Ground.;_) Thermal is for Professional.This Copter is not Professional. Over 2000,00 Euro is toooooooo much..Sorry but this is my opinion.Than you for your Review

  6. Gorillaman's Garage

    I think it's too light weight for the environment that 1st responders would deal with more often than not. Sensor alerts would be a must as well as some illumination abilities. Would be great for the Hobbyist inspector but not for serious professional use.

  7. Geeksvana

    I think the value it presents against the Mavic should help the sales a lot, although maybe offset by the lack of sensors. I always enjoyed flying my Bebop 2 and have a soft spot for Parrot because of that.

  8. John DeNardo

    Thank you for your video on the Anafi Here is what the USA Parrot site has for spec and price at the bottom can’t wait till you get one for a full review ANAFI Thermal:
    • Weighs only 315g and has a unique foldable design meaning you always have it to hand
    • 2 cameras: Thermal FLIR® and 4K HDR with 21MP Sony sensor. Stabilised on 3 axes, they tilt at +/-90° to observe right underneath structures
    • A powerful and reliable drone that offers up to 78 min of cumulative flight (3 batteries)
    • Easy to use thanks to the FreeFlight 6 app, giving you control of all the flight parameters

    Price : $1900 (VAT excluded)

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