DJI – Mavic Air Tutorials, Part 1: Unboxing

Get to know everything about the Mavic Air with this 11-part tutorial series! In this first episode, find out what’s inside the box when you purchase this smart, foldable drone.

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38 Replies to “DJI – Mavic Air Tutorials, Part 1: Unboxing”

  1. lenooh puls

    Why doesn't the remote also have USB-C? The battery, the remote and the drone all have different connectors! That's ridiculous. Having to carry the USB-C to USB-mini adapter is just an extra concern since it can easily get lost. What were they thinking?

  2. boko

    BUYERS BEWARE: Check the reviews before you buy DJI products. You see on their website they don't allow reviews because they would be rated a 1 star by the consumers. Don't listen to these big reviewers like I did and purchase their drones, etc. You will soon find out they have the absolute worst customer service! I paid $200 for their extended warranty and it took about two months to receive my drone back and it was still broken, and they didn't even replace the propellers which were all cracked. The damage of my drone wasn't even much it was just the gimbal that needed to be replaced and that came back crooked and couldn't shoot straight film. Upon returning the drone a second time clearly stating they did not fix it the first time, they told me I would need to pay over $200 more to get it fixed. The whole experience was so terrible, I had to sit on hold week after week to hear if there were any updates on my drone since they would never send me emails or anything. There's too many similar products emerging to waste your precious time with these sub-par products.

  3. SKYTEAM Productionz

    DJI I am really upset I am really disappointed in you why do you people remove the features on the DJI Maverick Pro the features that allows you to turn off your arm the LED front lights those lights used to be useful in the evening this is not good for Joan users it is just DJI mavic Pro and it is the same thing for the Phantom on the inspires this is not good please give us back those features because I cannot see what am I doing is first in the front or backwards when I'm flying in darkness that is not good

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