DJI Mavic Air – The Drone To Buy In 2019?

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//The GEAR used to create this video:

Main Camera : Lumix G7
LENS #1: 25MM F1.7
LENS #2: 12-60MM

//Music Source: Epidemic Sound

//Edited in Final Cut Pro X / Premiere Pro CC.

All the opinions expressed here are my own, and ### had no input to what I say throughout this video.

38 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air – The Drone To Buy In 2019?”

  1. Stussy H

    Utter crap imo. I sold the air, one distance is that of a Spark enhanced wifi, ?
    I actually bought a set of 4hawks range extenders £130. I actually managed 1.3miles. Compared to 0.8 miles without. Flight time 15 mins max . Save your money and get a mavic pro. Using Ocusync 3.5miles stock no mods..

  2. Jet Martin

    First off…great review! mentioned in the video that you once had to do an emergency landing because the battery level ran low…sounded like it the air initiated the landing based on low batter level.

    I assumed that the Mavic Air would return home automatically once the battery level reached a certain % level and it would dynamically calculate when the auto-return function needs to be engaged (e.g. calculate distance away from "home" and then project amount of battery level necessary to return home and then initiate the return home automatically when appropriate). Maybe I'm expecting too much.
    It seems from what you said it will just land where ever it is when the battery reaches a critical level.
    Can anyone comment on how it auto-return home works for the Air?

  3. Milosz Dacyl

    my honest opinion, its a toughest drone by far, crashed it few times, indoors and outdoors, it still fly, everything works 😉 … coming from other dji and other drones this one is my weapon of choice if it comes to drone photage. Highly recommend for beginner to even pro. Distance dont matter much if u know what u want to shoot 😉

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