DJI – Mavic Air – Song of Myself

Where has your road taken you?
Where are you willing to go next?
No matter your journey, the Mavic Air is a companion that will travel with you to every destination, capturing the landscapes of the earth and all its wonders.

Through​ the lens of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” we show you the destinations you can discover with the Mavic Air. Get on your road, take off, and let adventure unfold.​

Shot on the Mavic Air. ​

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45 Replies to “DJI – Mavic Air – Song of Myself”

  1. Adrian Payamps

    Hello, I want to be a photographer and I have a lot of time saving money to buy a drone, but the resource I have is not enough to spend it on a drone, it has been difficult for me to raise the money I need to receive a DJI I ask for a DJI and I promise to give it promotion

  2. Akira Anzawa

    Hey dji, do you know there're some serpents saying bad names which can potentially harm your brand without your acknowledgement, to advertise stupidity and ignorance? I suggest you should review those in my place where obviously a lot of eunuchs try to tarnish your brand in attacking future talents simply because they're jealous?

  3. Jean Hermans

    Please people don't order this drone based on this film, it's been highly modified and you will be disappointed with it UNLESS you are a rock star editor with excellent software. This video is NOT straight out of the drone.

  4. joachim *

    This commercial never stops to resonate within me everytime I watch it , haven;t captured and created such picturesquare videos of landscapes yet with my new mavic air, but I would sure like to do something like tht to promote the mavic air…..can I please ask which video editing software can create someting like this and if there is a way you can get such a great narration done by software, I dont have such a captivating mesmerising voice

  5. Saahil Rahman

    To everyone who is screaming "Can't believe it was shot on mavic air" . This was shot with mavic air with ND filters. So that we can lower the shutter speed and get smoother cinematic motion blur and also see the sky in high details. Which allow to edit further in post processing.

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