DJI Mavic Air review

The new DJI Mavic Air is a compact drone capable of shooting 4k video, has a 3-axis gimbal and is packed with some new features. But is it enough for a more demanding dronographer? Subscribe:

Here’s a link to buy the Mavic Air:

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47 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air review”

  1. Bleeker

    Great video! If you want to try the DJI Mavic for real or if you already have it and want to host a demo, you should try Bleeker app to share demos of your favorite products.

  2. John s

    Dude you know nothing about drones the mavic Pro is an Advanced drone the mavic air is a beginner's drone you definitely don't know you're drones the mavic air has more issues than anything lagging issues and it loses signal if you're next to the house it's garbage I should know I own most DJI products and I don't get them for free so I'm not under contract so I can freely say the mavic air is a toy the only thing it has going for it is the camera but what good is it if it's consistently lagging at 900 feet it runs off Wi-Fi that's the problem ocusync and ocusync 2 is in the mavic Pro and mavic 2 and up the spark and the mavic air are toys compared to the mavic Pro and up and I'm talking technology-wise the mavic air could have been a nice drone if DJI would have used ocusync

  3. wazzobazzo

    Great little design tweak…which also makes it easy to drop and lose your sticks. I don't have any interest in this drone in the first place. Js that seems like bad design not good.

  4. Adam Adam

    Drone without range in the city. liars spinning and their nose grows. A good toy but not a drone. This is the truth about this plastic. I also gave in to deceive advertising!

  5. Cam Life

    I want to buy one of the Mavics but I don’t have any hobbies that justifies the price. For those of you who’ve purchased a drone, if you’re not a content creator what activities are you using your drone for? Once the novelty wears off, I tend to place my toys and gadgets on the shelf where they collect dust ?

  6. mitch koerse

    I bought one last week, I wish I didn’t.
    The most distance I manage to get was on a beach flying out to sea was 250 meters before it lost rc signal, image went shocky and blurry with delay after 80 meters allready.

    Why I don’t know all is up to date, I have to keep using my P4 as my magic air is 1 big disappointment.

    I hope this gets fixed soon.

  7. Momekh

    While talking frame rates you say, "you can also do slow motion up to 120 frames per second, of course that one's 1080p" ` 1:26

    There is nothing of course about that at all. 1080p at 120fps is rarefied territory and demands complete absence of phrases like "of course".
    Love the videos … rock on 🙂

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