DJI Mavic Air Review – Ultimate Small 4K Drone?

I’ve finally got one! The DJI Mavic Air slots in between the cheaper Spark and more expensive Mavic Pro drones, but makes this 4K drone different?

DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo:
DJI Mavic Air (Black):
DJI Mavic Air (White):
DJI Mavic Air (Red):

Birocratic – Hoisin Sauce (intro music)
Birocratic x Flamingosis – Look Both Ways

Mo Anando – In Bloom

Blue Wednesday – Final Fight
Blue Wednesday – Cold Cuts
Blue Wednesday – Venom
Blue Wednesday – Apples & Butterflies

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38 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air Review – Ultimate Small 4K Drone?”

  1. Max Headroom

    After watching loads of your camera reviews and now this it dawned on me that you are identical in delivery to the top gear original three stooges. Same style of humor and almost the same James May nonchalance. Glad to see you’re branching out to quad photography, I always like you t when you destroy stuff since you are often careless. 👍

  2. usalax76

    Jus got my Mavic Air for xmas and I can't wait to get some great footage and shots with it!

    I just wanted to say how much I love your videos, loved you on DRTV and your videos now since. Whenever I'm experiencing a lull or boredom with my photography, I watch your (or your DRTV vids) videos and get reinsured to go out and capture things. Love ya man, keep on the great work !

    My insta (where I post my images) is @118_error if you or anyone would be kind enough to check out my page ! <3

  3. Spyder Productions

    you bugger Kai……i have just got a spark and wanted to fly it around the bloody lighthouse at beachy head, as i only live down the road from it and had never seen drone footage of it……then i tune into your video ffs……damn :[

  4. N0w3lly

    Have the National Trust been coming down on you yet Kai? I live very locally there and I haven't dared take off in Eastbourne Downlands, where they have strict bye laws! That's a great great location though, Ouse Valley Viaduct 😉

  5. Adrian Smolders

    Good review. i want to complete it: all should know that DJI customer services is a complete shambles and the warranty useless. Just the matter of a defect usb-mini adapter needed for charging will not be taken care off. This I emailed to them just now: Go to hell (I stay polite) That is 3 weeks for this minor issue And you do absolutely NOTHING Just asking for more and more questions about answers I gave before.

  6. myyou tubeaccount

    When I first clicked play I though who's this dick, after watching you made me laugh while being informative and I thought you were fantastic, you a non-arragont Jeremy Clarkson in the making, I'm sure Top Gear would hire you if they were around. Subscribed! 🙂

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