DJI MAVIC AIR Review – [Flight Test In-Depth / Pros & Cons]

Enjoy part 2 of my full multi part Mavic Air review. Get it here:
4K Capable SD card
Drone Launch Pad

Part 1 with Unboxing, setup & Updating

Part 3 Urban Range Test

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DJI continues to impress with their groundbreaking state of the art technology, design and the ability to bring it to the consumer market first.

More flight tests, range tests, tracking tests and more coming up and will be linked here when complete. Please subscribe so you donโ€™t miss them.

Aloha, Dustin.
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48 Replies to “DJI MAVIC AIR Review – [Flight Test In-Depth / Pros & Cons]”

  1. Dillon Pontes

    Thank you so much for making this video…especially on Superbowl Sunday. I just got the drone and watching this just saved me so much time! You nail all aspects of it perfectly and taught me a lot about my new toy! Thank you Dustin!!!

  2. Adrian Mateo Drones

    As always I love all your Drone reviews. Thanks man for all the information, updates, reviews and all. I also have a Dji Mavic Air and i love my Drone. I just subscribe to your channel and would appreciate the same in return from you.
    Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.

  3. Yukonpeteneff

    I never thought I would watch the entire video when I started but what a great job. Having all the screens up at once and the amount of detail … wow. Great job. I really think the Mavic Air is the drone for me now. It will be my first drone and Iโ€™m looking forward to some great footage. Thank you for spending your own money and taking the time for creating this awesome video for us.

  4. Bulldog

    Great review, however it seems this Mavic Air is a bit noisy. I was hoping it would be more quiet. On top of that I was hoping I could take this little fella onto my kitesurfing session. Where the wind is really strong like 16-20 kts. To have these great shots on the water. But I know it can't handle this scenario, which is very disappointing. My colleague just bought DJI MAVIC 2 PRO and was not able to fly properly in 11-12 kts. Apparently the wind it far too strong. Not sure why this is such huge problem for these Drones? I have almost pressed "buy" button today. But decided to watch some videos of the owners like your self on you tube. This Mavic Air looks really great and portable. But it has to deliver at same time. Yesterday at kitesurfing session I was a witness DJI MAVIC 2 PRO was really struggling at 12 kts and went crazy most of the time, meaning returning to base, and all the errors and alarms that it cannot fly in such conditions. Review is spot on. Very informative.

  5. James Johnson

    D you know what ive all ways have loved about flying rc air planes and. now quads since I was a little kid. Is That u can have control of the remote controlled air craft.We are flying. I like to fly the the dam thang and not the air craft fly it self.i got my first rc when i was 10 and a half yrs old. Thats BEEN quite a while ago. Lets put it this way .It had a great big long silver looking antanae on it. And it was gased powered and it was a blast to fly.and fast as all out doors.didnt have nothing on it to stop if i brought close to. Me FOR any thing u better duck are get ur fucking head off. Thaught me one thing to this day. Never ever depend on any thing to stop thats coming at is cool . but every thing as u know has it pros and cons .ive learnt since flying rc's of all kinds since a little one.they all need to be monitored at all times. Never ever get to relax with none of them. They all can have a mine of there own at any time. We All need to be ready to respond at any given time. Arnt, we all still like little kids when we fly these modern day MARVELS. Keep Doing what u and all the rest of us love to do. Fly. Be safe my fello flyer, and get ur flight on. That little bird is cool i dont have one of those. Because i kind of lean the big birds way. The smallest i have in my collection is the mav. But thats a cool small bird.

  6. EvilCouncil

    What will happen when the precision landing pad is moving? Like on a boat for example? Thinking about buying one, but mainly gonna use it while on my boat for those epic shots. Of course I am nervous that it will just crash/land in the water, which, well, isn't ideal.

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