DJI – Mavic Air – Ready, Set, Go! (feat. Sam Kolder & ChelseaKauai)

Sometimes, a good challenge among friends is the best way to
raise everybody’s game. Watch and be inspired to capture your next adventure with the Mavic Air.

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Congratulations to our three winners:
1. Charles Terrell
2. Casper Radmer
3. Jack Benbow

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43 Replies to “DJI – Mavic Air – Ready, Set, Go! (feat. Sam Kolder & ChelseaKauai)”

  1. Robnyc 718

    Ok enough already…. Hey Dji. Stop making these fake ass, commercial style type videos. Stop trying sell it thru the videos. Make real videos with users or just actual footage of sorts.

  2. Luke Guinto

    Its insane seeing what colour gradin can do. JonnyFPV video seems a little dull and not as bright and cloudy (Colour Grading Wise) Yet the same clip here makes it look super sunny, golden hour time.

  3. konavy

    I got the Mavic Air three days ago and it's been raining since… and it will be for the next 3 days… in the middle of the summer… in Greece!!! Talk about bad luck!!

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