Dji Mavic Air Master Airscrew Stealth Quiet Propellers

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37 Replies to “Dji Mavic Air Master Airscrew Stealth Quiet Propellers”

  1. edrone

    Just wanted to let you all know I will be drawing for the winner this week I have had some personal things going on which has caused a delay I thank you all for your patience and I will be putting a little something extra in the package for the lucky winner stay tuned!

  2. Jimmy Shelton

    I was listening and the master airscrew props sound a bit shakey sounding but when the gains are all adjusted of course your flight times be a bit longer your slowing motor use down so props really aint doing much… Settings doing the work thats just me

  3. Peter H

    I don't buy that DJI isn't making quiet props for the Air so people get the Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom. Look at the price difference and the difference in camera quality, particularly with the Pro. Most people aren't flying these drones at night, the Air is a great drone at a wonderful price. Sure, it doesn't sound great compared to the Mavic 2, but no one is going to drop $1.1K+ over that.

  4. thrash99er

    Even if you turn down to the 80 gain, a lot of people are getting the motor current error, you didn't show your DJI Go app during the flight so did you get the same errors? It just isn't worth the change to damage the motors, I think it is a bad recommendation you are making. I got these right when they came out and it isn't really quieter it is just a lower pitch then the standard props.

  5. Xplicit fpv

    I guess I'll be the Debbie Downer in this Crazy debate about quiet props. When your flying a drone and you are around people. honestly you want them to hear it so they know it's there and no one gets spooked scared Etc once you leave the ground and you are 20 feet away from you nobody will really hear it anyway so why waste any money on a prop that is slightly quieter or a different sound. doesn't make any sense..! I'm not knocking your video but everyone is wasting their time on this when it really doesn't matter

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