Dji Mavic Air Master Airscrew Stealth Props (V2) Are they Better?

Masterairscrew Stealth Quiet Props for Dji Mavic Air:
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48 Replies to “Dji Mavic Air Master Airscrew Stealth Props (V2) Are they Better?”

  1. Ayker Rocablanca

    Today the Stealth Props were delivered, first I did a db-Meter-Test with the original propellers, result: 90 db (2 m distance, indoor), then with the "Master Airscrew Stealth Props". Result 90 (!) db (same distance, same place). Only the pitch was a bit lower. Very disappointing! By the way, I adjusted the gain values of the stealth props correctly before the change!

  2. MikeComedies

    is the tuning the same as the v1? if not, there is no control and this test is nullified unfortunately :/. Are the props different physical blade pitch or just a different color with updated tuning?

    -Mike 🙂

  3. Andrew Sommer

    Thank you for the review. Unfortunately your flight time test does not seem adequate. I would have prefered a cold start for each prop test (at least 1 hour brake between tests) 100% battery flying to 30% timed.

  4. Ron_RC

    What kind of time interval are you using for the flight time measurement? It's difficult to believe it's 2 hours and 5 minutes for the V2s and I would hope it isn't 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Thanks.

  5. Otto-ottO

    Great video, watched your v1 Masterairscrew video some time ago also. I just flew my drone and still hearing it whining 100 meters up in the air. Just hate it annoying my neighbours dog 'Bob' with it's high pitched noise. Would love a pair of these . Fly safe & greets from Belgium. #savebob

  6. Paul Schrecengost

    Dam the first time a video literally put me to sleep.And It still sounds like a swarm of West Nile mosquitoes flying towards me. Props ain't worth a shit and you wasted your time installing them.Never trust anyone doing a review where the company gives the item to review.It forms a bias and anyone who argues with that most likely got free shit to.Pay for the stuff you review if you want a honest review and some credibility. plain and simple!

  7. jam201984

    dear all EU residents that are wanting to buy the Mavic air V2 props. Im not a very happy customer as my new Mavic air V2 props were delivered today with a £12.90 customs charge so 23$ +15& now +12.90 = £42.90 after conversion so with me living in the UK i will not be buying any more.

  8. Julster

    Awesome review. This is exactly what my Mavic Air needs. Weird that the stock propellers are designed the way they are when Master Airscrew seemingly quite easily managed to prolong flight time and fix the high-pitch sound. So sign me up for the giveaway contest!

  9. KBone's Drone Zone

    Great video! Just started getting into the drones! I have a Mavic 2 Pro with smart controller and the Mavic Air, and of course the iron man tello.
    Enjoy your channel and I’m trying to get my channel started

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