DJI Mavic Air – In-Depth REVIEW After 3 Months of Heavy Usage

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1:27 – Design
2:07 – Portability
2:31 – Camera
3:29 – How it handles wind and extreme temperatures
3:55 – WiFi and signal strength
5:02 – Battery life
5:23 – What I don’t like about the Air
6:14 – Summary

I’ve been using the DJI Mavic Air for the past 3 months and i’ve been flying it pretty much all the time, so i think i have gathered enough data for an in-depth review about all the things I like and dislike about this drone. So in today’s video i’ll simply share my impressions after flying this drone ever since i got it in early February 2018.

Having upgraded from a DJI Spark to the Mavic Air, there a couple of areas where this drone really shines, and also a few that leave something to be desired.

29 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air – In-Depth REVIEW After 3 Months of Heavy Usage”

  1. Robbie Young

    Mine arrived in the mail today. I can't believe how well this thing operates at such a small size. I was able to snap a few sunset pictures and they look great. I plan on hitting up some real estate agents to take some aerial photos of houses they're selling. Just gotta be quick due to the limited 15 min battery use.

  2. Cam365

    unfortunately the noise only decreased when you make the blades longer , it reduces the revolutions and the buzzing – that impacts the size though.

  3. Anatoliy Bilokurenko

    Great review, thanks a lot! It's hard to find video in YouTube with good examples what dron can shoot. And it's very interesting that author bought Mavic Air after Spark, because I think a lot of people try to choose between this two. And you know that Spark loose one of the biggest advantage over Mavic Air in Europe – price. At least in our country it's 800 dollars against 1100 (and Mavic Air Fly More set includes 3 batteries instead of 2 in Spark set!).I think additional fly time, a lot more settings and more auto modes for flying, additional sensors and other improvements worth this difference in price.
    Butstill have some doubts, so help me please:
    1. There's some information about body of Spark more solid than Movic's. Is it really true and Mavic Air can be damaged mach easier? Because author's examples are not really crashing moments, dron stabilized at the end.
    2. What about this difference in colors when settings are in default? Can I adjust them to look exactly like in Spark? Because I like video and photo from Spark very much (to be honest if Spark could do something​ like Tap fly and Waypoints I think it could be my choice).
    3. A lot of information that Air is the most louder dron in compare with Spark, Mavic Pro and Platinum. And I think most of the people don't want to draw attention. Is there some way to reduce noise? I saw only few videos in YouTube with low-noise props for Mavic Air, but they are not very popular and maybe in long term them can affect drone's motors in some way… So what to do and how to fly in city and not to draw to much attention?
    Thanks everybody for helping and sorry for my English.

  4. alex garcia

    I went with the spark because it's smaller and because you can charge on the go. When your on a trip and wanna fly a lot it's nice to know you can charge your drone with a power bank or in the car. Plus you can charge 3 batteries at once with a small inverter and a 4th one on the drone itselfLLP. For being a small portable on the go drone the mavic air really should have that feature .

  5. Johnny Walker

    my dad crashed the Inspire 1 into a creek by clipping a tree branch. I'm amazed to see your air recover mid-air twice! that thing's gotta be a juggernaut with the prop guards on!

  6. Mike Kaldenberg

    I've had my Air since late February (my first drone – impulse buy at Costco), and I love it. Lots more to learn. I would suggest until you are super confident in your skills, buy stock in replacement blades. Another thing, buy a multi battery charger and at least 2 more batteries and a cigarette adapter and of course a bigger case. Nice info, sir!

  7. Sam Plautz

    I've heard there are a lot of complaints about the wifi connection and how people can't even get up to a mile. Is this just certain areas or does it happen often? And if so, is there a fix for it? Also, without crashing this thing or anything like that, what is the lifetime of it? I am in highschool so for me this would be a big investment, so if I buy this is it going to last a long time?

  8. iammuxie

    hi! so when you flew it over water, did you not have concerns about how strong the winds can be in the sea or beaches? Have you had scare of mishandling it and it dropping in the water??

  9. JustAYoutuber

    So i have watched both this video and the spark video review (great videos keep up the good work). but still kinda torn on what drone to get. I do love that this drone shoots 4k compared to the spark how ever the spark 1080p 30 fps is not bad i plan to use a drone for videos i make on YouTube and other videos like short films etc but i have never owned a drone before. i have bought the go pro hero 7 with a gimbel to start shooting in 4k for b roll for videos but can't decide to save for this drone to keeping shooting in 4k or to just get the spark to start out with then later on done the road upgrade in post i do plan to render out the video in 1080p so this is why i am not sure what to get. any advice?

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