DJI Mavic Air – Capture Stunning Long-Exposure Day Photos (Tutorial)

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Long exposure photos with the DJI Mavic Air are very much possible, as long as you have the right tools (ND filters) and use the right settings. In today’s video, I’ll show you how I take my long-exposure shots with the Mavic Air and will show you which filters and settings you need to use if you want to replicate those photos. It’s all a lot of fun and it’s a completely new side of the drone for me so I’m enjoying it a lot. Comment below if you like the shots! Thank you!

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30 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air – Capture Stunning Long-Exposure Day Photos (Tutorial)”

  1. auscurrymaster

    Fantastic no-nonsense information, and very inspiring. It's great to be reminded about how the MA2 can produce great stills as well as video, which most people "focus" on (pun intended)

  2. Bat Fri

    Hi ! Amazing video ! Great tuto but I have a question.
    In MY mavic air settings I don’t have shutter with like 1.5 , 2 etc I have something else with like « 60 to 1300 »

  3. 63resindog

    I have the air and want to try this, just purchased the nd64, what would happen if you tried this just before the sun goes down when it is as dark as possible , could you do a longer SS for example 3-4 sec for a smoother silky look?? cannot wait for the nd 128 filter.

  4. Michael De Lio

    Awesome tutorial, very straightforward and easy to follow for all levels of videographers. Can't wait for the follow-up with post production tips. By the way, did you run into an stabilization issues, considering this technique is typically done via tripod?

  5. Ian in London

    Well done Mike. Great to see another reviewer finally understanding how ND filters can be used on still shots too! Nice to see you really know your stuff. I'm just editing my review of the Freewell 8 Pack tonight and I briefly mentioned using a dark ND filter for a photo, but you have gone into great detail here with a really great tutorial. You're right; they really are a great set. I actually focus on explaining polarised light and how polarisers work, so you can check that out tomorrow when I publish it.
    And today I had my first ever complete stranger come up and say "hi, aren't you Ian in London?" And that put a smile on my face! Thanks again Mike; speak soon fella. ian

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