DJI Mavic Air beats Pro 2 Hasselblad? | Footage Comparison and Hike

I was really surprised with the results of the Air vs Mavic 2 Pro Hasselblad! In this non-scientific comparison we take a look at mutual footage sequentially and side by side, both hiking and in low light.

The Air really held up against the Mavic 2 Pro, I’d be curious to test it in more scenarios. That being said the speed and range of the Pro 2 will definitely out pace the Air. The footage also looks a bit more professional and cinematic out of the Pro 2.

Stay tuned for a more detailed comparison with the Air and Original Mavic Pro.

DJI Mavic Air, Fly More –
DJI Mavic Pro 2 –
DJI Mavic Air –
DJI Mavic Pro –


My Gear:

Sony a7RIII –
16-35mm f2.8 –
Rode Videomic Pro+ –
Aputure AL-MW –

24mm f1.4 –
16-35mm f2.8 –
24-70mm f2.8 –
85mm f1.4 –
90mm f2.8 Macro –
100-400mm f4.5-5.6 –

Sennheiser MKE600 Mic –
Aputure LS 1c Lights –
Zoom H4n Pro –

Pocket Gear:
DJI Osmo Pocket –
Sony RX100VA –
Insta360 One X –
Google Pixel 3 XL –
GoPro Hero 7 Black –
Aputure AL-MX –

Lowepro Protactic 450 AW II –

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17 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air beats Pro 2 Hasselblad? | Footage Comparison and Hike”

  1. Mr Chainanimal

    I have the Mavic Air and the Mavic 2 Pro, and I fly in Europe. If I could find anybody to buy my Mavic Air, I would be more than happy to sell it. The point is, that in Europe nobody is stupid enough to buy this piece of rubbish. It constantly loses signal and is bloody noisy. To me, it is rubbish. For any newbee: If you want a good drone, buy a Mavic Pro 1, maybe a used one. Avoid the Air (although, when the stupid thing acutually does, what you want, the footage is kind of usable), and even worse, the Spark.


    You can get much better low light footage from the air if you drag the shutter down to about 1/15 to 1/25, change frame rate to 25fps and fly slowly and with the right distance from your subject. You want to be close enough to absorb enough light but far enough that the dragged shutter speed doesn’t result in glitchiness that manifests as extra motion blur. Also set your white balance to 4,500 K. You’ll also need to raise iso and have a strong noise removal program. That will help but the Mavic pro 1 is better in low light. It has a larger aperture and you can use d-log to really open up the dynamic range. All this is pointless to someone who just wants to shoot and not necessarily do heavy editing though… and that should be kept in mind ✌️

  3. Santiago Velez Restrepo

    1500usd is really is expensive, but people just stay in video footage, but photography and Ortophotography pictures of mavic 2 pro worth the other 600usd that you have to pay, remember that DJI GS PRO doesn’t support mavic air instead mavic 2 pro for creates maps are extremely helpful, if you want to take just 10 minutes of video footage stay in Mavic Air, but if you want 23 minutes per flight of video footage, plus aerial photography and Orthophotography, the Mavic 2 pro are the best portable solution.

  4. Bruce Lythe

    I am stunned by the Mavic Air results. And at 700 bucks it's not a disaster if you lose it. I think DJI made a questionable marketing solution producing such a fine package at the price point. Sure you need to choose manual channels and use a 5 bucks range extender to get out 2.5km in bad conditions, but often I achieve 2.5km unmodified in the UK if you spend 5 mins fiddling with channels at takeoff (does anyone else have a partner who gets a tad impatient….)…. I use Airmaster Props, Newver filters and Photoshop Elements and VideoPad. Can do pretty much all I want with Air output.

  5. Cameron Reid

    Hey Kyle great video! I’m definitely considering the Air for portability. What song at 4:55 and where do you get your music? Sorry I’m new•ish to your channel if you’ve already answered this question a billion times. Thanks!

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