DJI Mavic Air 2 Review

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44 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air 2 Review”

  1. Martin Mendez

    I just ordered it.
    It was a bit disappointing to know that third party applications (dronelink) do not support it as they did with Mavic Air.

    It looks like it will take some time for DJI to release MA2 SDK.

  2. Knight Flyer

    A key problem with the DJI Fly app is that it will not work with MOST Android phones or tablets! That, with the absimal customer service from DJI, should be taken into account before buying.

  3. Steve Knight

    You pissed me off with this video, now 2 months after investing in a Mavic package I now MUST upgrade begrudgingly knowing I've wasted $649.99. Did enjoy the review, thanks. Say do you know if its possible to incorporate a precision GPS locator on downed drone?

  4. Tjaart van Aardt

    I like a good review, that focus on one drone only. A drone cannot be compared with another drone, as each drone offers each own features. This is the best review that I've seen on the Mavic Air 2.

  5. Rod Egby

    Thanks for the beautiful and well put together review. This seems to take better footage than the pro.. just placed my order.. subscribed and so excited of the possibilities of this mav air 2!

  6. Gscop1

    Glad I stumbled on your channel Tom ! I just bought my first drone after 4 months of reviews from other sites and I chose the Mavic Air 2 for many of the reasons in your review! Sorry I didnt find You earlier ! I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia, USA….beautiful, but Im So Jealous of Your beautiful surroundings!

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