DJI Mavic Air 2 First Flight and Impressions

Today we take our first flight with the DJI Mavic Air 2. This thing flies great! I am looking forward to shoot some more photos and videos with this drone.

DJI Mavic Air 2:

DJI Mavic Air 2 Playlist:

My Gear:
Inspire 2:
Mavic 2 Pro:
Mavic 2 Pro ND Filters:
DJI Mavic Air 2:
Sony a7 III:
Sony GM 16-35 f2.8 lens:
Variable ND Filter:
Camera Mic:
Studio Mic:
Joby Gorillapod:
Goal Zero Sherpa PD:
iPad Mini 5:
Osmo Action:
SD Cards:
Micro SD Cards:


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21 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air 2 First Flight and Impressions”

  1. Billy Kyle

    Lots of people commenting on my thoughts regarding the battery life – the wind definitely ate into how much flight time I should have expected. Sport mode also drained a good amount of the battery, but as a video shooter, I am typically always in sport mode. Long story short, you will definitely see better flight time with more reserved flying.

  2. Dusan Todorovic

    Have you purchased the "fly more combo" package? As far as I know each battery should be charged via designated charger first, only then should the hub be used. Many are so eager to fly they neglect the importance of that. Secondly, it is likely batteries' capacity and with that flight time will be longer with time.

  3. Brian 3.2

    I just bought my first drone (mavic air 2)
    I'm not a professional but would like to make decent videos and stills. Can you recommend a good pc or laptop for editing my footage? My price range allows for up to $2k. Thank you for all your content, it has been extremely helpful.

  4. JackBN

    HELP! In 2016 or 2017 I got a UAS Certificate for my Hubsan H501s drone.
    The number begins FA3… and has a total of ten characters.
    Is this still valid for a Mavic Air 2?
    If not, where should I go for the proper certificate?

  5. Kris K

    I've ordered one few weeks ago directly from DJI. Unfortunately they shipped it directly from China. Who knows when I am gong to get it. So far none of my china packages is arriving due to corona. If I dont get it in few weeks i'll be asking for my money back. For 1500$.CAD I expect it to receive it after few days not wait 2 months for it. I didnt order it from bangood to wait so long for it

  6. D M

    My first drone had to be the mavic 2 Zoom getting in close. If I decide to by more, I may just work my way down size wise. The three models you showed were ideal for me to own soon.

  7. Alshaban B.

    Hello Billy, what would you advise to get if I want to charge my MA2
    batteries on the go? I ran out of power (3 batteries) when my family and
    I were at a park trying to get some nice footage last weekend. Thanks in advance 🙂

  8. timothy miller

    And im sorry but 15 minutes battery life when advertising 34. Wow. Not even close. Wind is a factor so is sport mode but geez oh man. My 165 dollar jjrc x6 flies longer and its advertised at 23 minutes. So glad i can fly the evo 2 for an actual 35 minutes. 2 batteries and thats over an hour. You gotta buy 4 batteries with this one to be out for an hour. Wtf smh. I was close to buying this because of occusync 2. Occusync and occu 2 isn't the only good transmission system out there either

    Glad i made up my mind on the Autel evo 2 after watching this one and many other reviews. Mavic 3 wasn't even going to compete with skydio 2 or autel evo 2 so they canceled its release. Read between the lines people before spending a grand or 2. Do a lot of research on what you are considering purchasing first before committing to one company or another. Consider customer service and ask around and read around about that certain company before you invest in their products.

  9. timothy miller

    I'm new to drones and I may be missing something here….i know the props fold and a lot of people do start out the motors with the props folded still. In my mind when those motors rpm up from dead stop when pulsing the motors the arms shake dramatically until the unfold. This may not be as apparent when all 4 ft are on the ground when taking off. Since you were doing a hand launch the arms had play when the unbalanced While folded props weren't opened up the whole way. Centrifugal force opens them from the closed position i get it, although I would assume unfolding them before starting the motors would prevent this every time. I wouldn't want my hard earned investment to be shaken like that for no reason.

    I own and just received the Autel evo 2 and I believe the props are similar as they fold and unfold. I know about the lawsuit as well that dji lost and the whole story there so thats why I came across this subject. The nice fellow that has a channel called 808state i believe had a problem with his arm on the autel evo 2 shaking badly and had to send it back for a replacement. My thoughts were when I got my drone is to unfold the props before starting the motors to prevent any shaking that may occur for a second or 2 each time I start to fly. Nice video, cool channel. Thanks

  10. Stacey Reece

    Billy i see noway to turn phone charging on are off. its charging as soon as i start the app. Also i see noway to adjust the Gimbal sensitivity. i've had it a week now and with the latest update.

  11. MBix

    I'm flying in a neighborhood with trees around and only getting around 1500 feet before the signal gets too weak. I'm hoping this is just from interference and not a bad signal transmission.
    To get thousands of feet away you really have to be high up somewhere or have very few things blocking a line of sight with the drone?

  12. Billy Futch

    Billy I can’t seem to playback 4K video 30 or 60 FPS from my Mavic Air 2 without it being choppy as hell. Playback is fine when filming in HDR. I have a premium so card and have tried several with no luck. I use a 2013 MacBook Pro with QuickTime reviewing my videos. I’ve heard that it’s not the sad card or drone but the processing by the computer. Your thoughts or maybe a video. No one seems to have addressed this issue yet.

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