An honest, real-life DJI Mavic Air 2 Review. I use drones often to film clients for my business and for my own videos, but this isn’t a drone channel, so I really have no incentive to review this or any other drone positively or negatively with the expectation of getting free stuff in the future. The DJI Mavic Air 2 may work for some, and hopefully it gets better with firmware, but for my line of work (adventure videography), the Air 2 is a huge disappointment.

This information isn’t based on opinion, it’s based on actual flying and real experiences with a full-priced, consumer model DJI Mavic Air 2:
-I get 17 minutes before the drone wants to RTH while DJI quotes flight times of 30+ minutes.
-The Mavic Air 2 will record 4k at 60fps, but ONLY in h.265. While h.265 is a contender for a future codec, right now it absolutely chugs on even my top-tier editing rig. If I can’t even play it with the most recent codecs and drivers on my massive rig, how can I expect to give it to clients?
-The Mavic Air’s size isn’t much smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro, and the added weight and size of the RC negate any size/weight loss from the drone itself. Sure the Mavic Air is smaller, but remember… you have to pack both!
-The gimbal/camera constantly flops downward in sport mode resulting in unusable footage. (See 6:00 )
-The app either crashes or the RC loses connection… I’m not sure which. Either way, the screen goes blank and the DJI Fly app restarts 2 to 3 times EVERY FLIGHT.
-I have an awesome spot to film my clients, and I know exactly how far the Mavic Pro 1 will go from that point. The Mavic Air 2 has about the same range in wide-open-desert conditions (no trees, obstructions, RC interference, etc) as the Mavic Pro. So the new Occusync isn’t that great. Not only is the range the same, but the Air 2 loses signal far easier and must be flown higher to maintain signal.
-DJI needs to do away with the whole-screen warnings. Having a “RETURN TO HOME” message block your whole field of view mid-flight just isn’t a great idea.
-DJI customer support has been utterly abysmal. 4 emails. 2 Chat sessions. No results. No support. One department just sends me to another, and it goes in circles until they stop responding.

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34 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air 2 BRUTALLY HONEST Review”

  1. Nicc

    The flying time is measured in "ideal conditions" which means: almost no wind, certain height, not moving forward nor backward, not recording videos or taking pics and obviously in normal mode (not sport mode). And who knows many other conditions

  2. Dennis Myers

    What ide like to see is a comparison between my drone and your Mavic pro.
    Mine is a great little drone,it’s a 4DRC, got it on ebay, paid $119..
    It would be nice because it’s the same comparison your making.
    Try never to mix apples with oranges..

  3. stratocasterxyz

    bro, a lot of your criticisms come from lack of knowledge about your drone or your lack of pretty basic hardware for a PC you edit with. H.265 and H.264 are both avail in 4k 60fps as many comments mentioned, and even if you couldn't switch it out of h.265 almost every modern GPU is going to run this just fine. Your battery life is draining fast because of sport mode and just because your drone says return to home doesn't mean you need to. You can adjust the drones settings and decide at what battery % you want to be notified to RTH. As long as your in eye sight of the drone you definitely don't need to RTH at the pre-set 30% notification.

    I paid for my own Mavic Air 2, and i do not regret the purchase at all. It is a clear winner over the Mavic Air and Mavic Air Pro.

  4. robert mullen

    The blanking you mentioned is exactly the same experience I am having with a dji mini 2.I have to relaunch app and then connect to drone.At first it was unsettling now it’s just annoying but I appreciate how it impacts your flying.Wen I lose connection the drone will just hover where ever it happens to be ,usually a church steeple but with plenty of clearance .What would you recommend as I was thinking of buying mavic air 2…Good video and straight to the point …

  5. 407Defense

    U got bad drone. Watch Dustin dunhills review and distance test ! Lol… 5 miles he was able to get before he had to turn around due to 49 percent battery left… do u really believe DJI puts crap out there to everyone? I’m sure a few bad ones due pass quality control, but to assume everyone is experiencing what u have is not being realistic!

  6. HammerBack0 /02

    Sounds like a defective unit. His case of “floppy gimbal” and losing connection is unheard of now. And that pesky return to home feature…. 😂 I'm sure he's gotten far far away from DJI and now uses one made by Plano or a similar company.

  7. E O

    You can set the battery % rth in the settings, maybe set it to 10%. Interested about the Air 2s because I have had my Mavic Pro for a long time and looking for an upgrade

  8. carr16k

    Most of your arguement doesn't hold. Your complaint about size and being heavy? That's more or less the same as your mavic pro. It doesn't make that much difference. Battery life is due to you flying in sport mode. The battery life in normal mode is more or less the same across all users. Between 20 to 25mins. Occusync, if it's about the same as your previous drone, are you saying you have the same complaint as your previous drone? Why didn't you return that as well?
    It is contradicting that you are able to accept your previous drone, and says you love it, but chose to return a similar mavic air 2.

  9. Ironix1

    Thank you for your video. My son and I were about to order two of these for our holiday next month. We will look at other makes of drone. I’m glad I watched this.

  10. J G

    Some of the "problems" you said are because of your settings or devices. If the app restarts then your device is not workong properly. To stop the gimbal from tilting down in sport mode just enable upward gimbal rotation. Please do more research before saying these things are problems

  11. J Walking

    I agree is not a nice codec, highly compressed.. but unfortunately unless you at least double your budget and start to look at the higher-level pro drones, you’re not going to get away from it!

  12. Ben Harrison

    Two points: (1) Mavic Air 2 DOES do H.264, look in the Camera settings. I don't use it because quality is better in H.265. BTW, DaVinci Resolve handles h.265 very nicely. I make my living with this stuff, so I've invested in a pro graphics card and server grade computers. Basing one's income on cheap consumer equipment is never profitable.
    (2) Common sense would indicate that Sport Mode burns more juice, kinda like keeping your accelerator to the floor burns more gas. I use Tripod mode and get 25+ consistently before RTH at the default 30%.

  13. Mark

    I've got the Mavic Air 2 with the smart controller. I've had it blackout once in an hour and a half of flying. The battery rack you like I hate it. The sequential charging takes takes too long and since the batteries lose their charge sitting you have top them off before a session. I bought an after market charger for my Spark that can charge 4 batteries at the same time along with the controller. I bought the same make charger for the Air 2. They work great

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