DJI Mavic Air 2 Battery Firmware Update

DJI just released a firmware update today May 16th, 2020 addressing the battery issues they were having with the Mavic Air 2. Many experienced their batteries not working myself included due to them not breaking them out of hibernation mode apparently the correct way. This hopefully resolved anyone having anymore battery issues in the future. I would still charge individually first and then update the firmware of each battery before using your hub in your Fly More Combo. Hope this helps and happy flying! Aloha

Go to 1:52 if you want to go straight to update info.

FULL length 4K 60 fps upload of some Chicago sample footage here.

25 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air 2 Battery Firmware Update”

  1. Adarsh Sharma

    I just got my Dji mini 2 fly more combo, and I charged 2 of the batteries fully in the hub before I started seeing these issues with the air 2. I have put them in the drone and the drone turns on with both of the batteries inside. I am charging the last battery inside the drone right now. Do you know if I will have a problem with any of the 2 batteries that I charged in the battery hub for the first time? I'm kind of scared now that on my first flight my drone could stop flying mid flight and destroy the drone. Please let me know how I can know if the batteries have an issue and if it is something for the mini 2. Thank you!

  2. Miura Drones

    Very interesting. Mine also only updated two of three batteries, which has me a little concerned. Ive numbered them so will know if it prompts me to do so in the future. Just really strange as all three batteries came with the Flymore Combo.

  3. TheJoedip

    Just got the Mavic air 2 and right off the bat im getting error 30068 regarding the battery not being installed correctly. Ive tried everything I can think of the seating multiple times..can anyone help?

  4. Phantom Haranguer

    Click bait, plain and simple.

    Those of us in rural (and other areas) with limited internet connectivity, especially regarding bandwidth and data caps really don't like video titles that click bait us into watching what the video title said it was about.

    Ja, sure, the intro vid is nice, but not what I clicked for from the title.

  5. bigbadstig

    I've been flying since day one with the mavic air 2 without any issues at all (yeah i produce rubbish footage, good quality rubbish though) I just did the firmware update, i did not sit there whilst it did it's stuff but when i got the tick to say all good, off i went again no issues. What is all this 'update battery" stuff you mention. I've never had any issues.

  6. Stacey Reece

    charged each 1 by its self and installed each one in Air 2 but never said anything about a battery update. im confused and want to fly in the morning.
    each battery has been charged single!!!

  7. Mohamed Essam Mohamed

    I have a problem in connection inside the city with my mavic air 2! I would like to ask you if this happens with you as well if you tried to fly it between a towers or a residential area, it lost connection after 300 to 500 metres

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