DJI Mavic Air 2 – Active Track 3.0 – New firmware test – 4K

I have done several videos on the Mavic Air 2 and Active Track 3.0. I was hoping that the new firmware would improve the capability of Active Track. While using Active Track in Normal mode, the drones top speed is around 17mph. In my last video, the drone was able to track my truck up to 27mph in parallel mode. I was hoping for similar results on my mtb. Not so much. I tried on two different hills for this video. No luck. The drone registers a bike or motorcycle as pedestrian mode. Pedestrian mode, and Vehicle mode have different parameters. Hopefully, DJI can change or update the drone to register mtb or motorcycles as vehicles.

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23 Replies to “DJI Mavic Air 2 – Active Track 3.0 – New firmware test – 4K”

  1. EpicKadmos

    Hi, is it possible to have drone track you at a very close distance? Or to track you filming you from the front and thus flying backward (as the official DJI page for MA2 suggests when you scroll down , with the motocross guy)?

  2. bedrascal

    Try giving it some height so it can lock on better, it seems to loose you when you take a turn and the drone is at a low angle. I track higher and have had it follow at 20mph+ without loss.

  3. Lon Denard

    Good video, I see you answered the why not put it in Sport Mode question already. I'll be honest with you, the Mavic Air 2 just isn't going to make you happy for this type of tracking. It's fast enough in sport mode but you give up obstacle avoidance. The only way to get both is to go with the Skydio 2. BTW you also started the tracking kinda far away, try a bit closer to start.

    Really good video and production value. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kai Cameron

    Awesome video. Great location for tracking and so much more interesting video than the outdoor park. I put an order for a Skydio 2. They are a Cali company and have the best autonomous filming drone…

  5. Marius Socaciu

    You should have hit sport mode 😉 That’s where all the speed is unleashed! But pretty bad active trAcking over all. Parallel mode active track does not do at all what the manual says, the drone does not stay at constant angle and distance from the subject…

  6. BC

    You got it right. Trace is slow and sketchy at best unless you are walking and it can’t track from the front and parallel mode should be called something else because it is no where near being parallel. Thanks

  7. Brian Cummings

    Thanks for the video, no one else has picked up on these limitations . I hope this is an oversight on DJI’s part and not a safety feature. I’m looking forward to this Litchi? App for the air2 as it may address the two disappointing issues I have. No waypoint fight mode and the app not recognising a motorcycle as a vehicle or even a worthy target to follow

  8. Mac of Drones

    Did you have it in tripod mode? In normal mode my mavic air 2 has kept up with me at faster speeds. Also since there wasn't anything that the drone could hit you could have put it in sports mode. Great video keep up the good work 👍

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