DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone VS Parrot Anafi Drone Features

If you like the Mavic 2 Zoom drone but don’t want to spend over $1000 for a drone, look at how the Parrot Anafi stacks up to DJI’s Mavic 2 Zoom drone.
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39 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone VS Parrot Anafi Drone Features”

  1. droneXfactor

    I think Parrot Anafi is a excellent option if you don't want to spend over $600 on a drone but you want some of the new features that DJI Mavic 2 Zoom comes with.
    What do you think?

  2. Derek Land

    Thank you for comparing the Anafi to a drone that has the features and flight characteristics it competes with. I get so tired of seeing the Anafi compared to the Mini. The Mini is a toy; Anafi is the real deal…it's a very underrated model.

  3. G & D Travel World and more

    Bei 2:51 gefällt mir die Aufnahme von der Anafi besser, da man viel mehr Konturen sieht. Zusätzlich ist mir aufgefallen , das die Autos bei den Aufnahmen von der Mavic 2 Zoom nicht flüssig fahren!
    Außerdem fliegt die Anafi viel leiser und stört so weniger. Der Preisunterschied spicht für die Anafi!

  4. Jet Martin

    Nice review….A couple of things that the Anafi has over any of the DJI drones is:
    1 – 180 degree gimbal to get really interesting and unique shots you couldn't get from any other drone
    2 – Flight Plan (cost additional 99 cents via in app purchase) – ability to plot out and fly autonomous missions is better IMO on the Anafi…for example with the Anafi you can create your Flight Plan offline (w/o turning on the drone)…with DJI's Waypoint the drone has to be powered on to create your plan.
    3 – Tracking/Follow me is better on Anafi. For example, if the Anafi loses you it will use the GPS signal in the controller to locate you and then automatically re-lock onto you with out user invervention…the DJI Active Track…not so much. And with the Anafi there is no chance of dangerous Track Attacks. If you don't know what those are just watch this video. Very scary and dangerous:
    See the Anafi's amazing Follow Me functionality in action:

    Both the Zoom and the Anafi are great drones but for the value. I'll take the Anafi all day long.


  5. James Johnson

    The reason i started to fly quads is. They are fun to fly, and if u got a decent camera u get to film ur flight. Im not a cinema Photographer or do i have to film for a living, but i have a good eye for filming , And for me both of them are cool quads to have.My thing is when it comes to quads, is it fun to FLY, Thats my number one concern i fly and film for fun. And to me as long as the camera film what im FLYING And it cool when i look at it and i like it .Im cool i own alot of different quads and every one im blessed to have from about 5 dji ones and many other ones. That are not dji ones i just Love to fly ALL of them FROM the big ones to the little ones they all serve my PURPOSE all of them. I just loves TO FLY. SIMPLE AND PLAIN' IT'S A JOY TO ME TO JUST BE ABLE TO TAKE THESE LITTLE FLYING MAVELS OF LITTLE MACHINES UP AND FILM WHAT U WANT TO FILM AND HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FLIGHT COME ON DOWN SAFELY' AND GO HOME AND LOOK AT WHAT U SHOT.

  6. Keith Douglas

    so i see that you're sponsored by dji and are always going to say that the mavic zoom is better than the parrot anafi fact is if you actually did some research and looked at proper raw footage and compare the 2 the parrot anafi blows the dji mavic zoom out of the water in terms of photo detail

  7. Midwest Bebop

    Just an observation, but when you start out a comparison video by disclosing that you had sponsors behind one of the two drones you are comparing, that, in my opinion, degrades the validity of the comparison. you had pro's and con's on both of them, but you did favor the one you admitted you had sponsors for. I do appreciate the fact that you admitted that you had sponsors behind one of the two, but it gives the viewers the appearance that it did influence your opinion of your review.

  8. J Brady

    Thanks for the review , Is there any issues with flying so close to bridges and buildings ? My worry when I get my drone is where to fly it without bothering people. I belive the anafi is very quite so will not draw as much attention which is a big plus

  9. Marc Trainor

    Right on, with your review. Excellent review, and it sure looks to me like the Anafi might be "the poor man's Mavic 2, but man what a deal compared to what you'll spend on the Mavic 2. I'm pretty darn impressed with what I'm seeing here. Marc.

  10. jon perry

    I considered the Parrot before jumping on the Zoom for the simple reason that the range of the DJI drone far exceeds the 4 Km of the Parrot. I needed better than 6 Km range for my particular application.

  11. Drone Techie

    Looks like the Whitestone Bridge. and RFK Bridge.i like the video I grew up in Whitestone. Nice my brother. I have Mav. 2 pro, Mavic Air, P4P, P3p Mav pro Spark I like the Anafi accept the SD card holder that sucks. Love the Parrot app better than the DJI Go 4 App

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