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  1. Mon Santos

    I'm hoping that you may be abte to answer a few questions.

    1) does APAS work in waypoint mode?

    2) if APAS is enabled in waypoint mode, will the mavic avoid obstacles that are in between 2 waypoints?

    3) if the mavic is flying sideways due to a POI, will the side sensors detect the obstacle?

    An improvement that I would suggest on waypoint is that the app should be able to calculate if there is enough battery power to finish the mission (assuming that one starts the mission with a full charge). I wonder what would happen if the battery runs low within the mission.

  2. Al Bolen

    Hi Bill. Tried the Waypoint 2.0 yesterday using a POI and noticed that the footage is really "twitchy" and not smooth at all. Also, I had it set up to start recording automatically at the first waypoint and the video starts recording as soon as it gets to the waypoint and before the Mavic has yawed to focus on the POI. Not impressed. Perhaps DJI can get it right in a future firmware release. Cheers

  3. Bosque Bill

    Thanks, Bill. I plan to get out and try the new Waypoints this afternoon. I updated my firmware and plotted a course on my iPad yesterday. I'm assuming the batteries are not included in the firmware this time (but may test before I leave home, just in case.)

  4. Richard C

    I also have a concern with not being able to use the pan and tile function in waypoint. The pan and tilt feature whereas you press the screen and by dragging your finger across the screen the camera moves. Also the Wheel up and down also has an issue. Does not stay or go the full up and down. I would like to be able to have the drone fly a set path, like cruise, while I can concentrate on camera angles. THis ability is found in the hyperlapse feature.

  5. 1Martinp

    Great video, Bill. Once the weather improves in the Netherlands, I Will test. Question: is it possible to manually fly a route and record waypoints by pressing a button, like it was possible on the Mavic1?

  6. Don Karsin

    Bill, great video! I just tried the waypoints the other day and only had one issue. When I was finished I clicked on the “X” to exit waypoints and the app would not let me go back to the main page. Wouldn’t let me do anything so I closed the app and restarted. Other than that, I enjoyed the new feature.

  7. DJL61

    Hey Bill thanks for that video. I am also experiencing the twitches when using Waypoints 2.0. This happens when a point of interest (POI) is chosen and the drone has to yaw to keep the POI in frame. I did notice this when there is a course change from point to point, its worse when the yaw is counterclockwise but still evident clockwise. Its much smoother if you use a large radius (arc) between points. This can be accessed when Arc is chosen and then set at each point.
    Keep those videos coming!!

  8. Ian Jones

    Not had a chance yet Bill, dark when I go to work and dark when I get back ?
    Look forward to your test and I’ll try to have a go my self this weekend.
    I have played on smart controller with it a bit indoors?

  9. Bob T

    Hi Bill. I just seen a video by mrkentdotcom. He stood on a step ladder with his hands in front of his drone as it flew past him on waypoints mission and OA kicked in and the drone stopped. So i belive dji wss wrong on this point. Looks like it will work during a waypoints mission

  10. Steve Carpenter

    Thank you, Bill, I'm sure these questions and others will need a lot more answers from DJI. I like how they replied to you, come soon, what's soon?? Thanks for these updates and no, no update since I'm not a Mavic 2 owner. I very glad to see that the Waypoint capabilities have been released for the Mavic 2's, just wish they'd have done that for the other DJI drones too, thanks!


    I think my update is not so good I have everything in english when I choose way point looking to interest point the "all" comes in some Chinese language and also on the settings the saved folder is in Chinese what can I do ?

  12. Ethan Mitchell

    Hi Bill! I have been using the new Waypoint 2.0 a lot this week trying to dig into the best settings. What I have noticed- When the Mavic2 has to follow a POI, the pan axis has a tendency to jump a little. This would be ok if it were at the end or beginning but it sometimes is in the middle of the shot, which may not seem like a big deal but trying to edit out that little jump in post is a pain. This problem seems to be worse if changing altitude while keeping a POI. Other than that I think it works great. It transitions between waypoints very well. I think DJI could possibly fix this with a follow pan feature (like on the mavic1 and air) or add digital stabilization. (prob not going to happen) . I would also like to see access off-line. Having to connect to the drone to create a mission is not ideal. Side note- the gimbal jump is also seen in Litchi as well so I think its a gimbal firmware issue.

  13. MasterP DJ

    I have Bill and it works great, I'm sure the updates are coming as DJI gets more feedback. My second time trying it I hit complete mission if lost remote signal, WOO after 20 minutes I was freaking out but in true DJI fashion 21 minutes into the mission later I heard the sweet sound of Beep Beep, Beep Beep my baby was 500M out. You Go DJI LOL

  14. Sam Avella

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for getting some answers from DJI on the behalf of us, your viewers.

    The following are my initial observations where the DJI Waypoints 2.0 still falls short when compared to the Litchi app. These maybe good questions to ask DJI support!

    (1) Not being able to create a mission off line. The current workaround is to connect to the aircraft, active the Waypoints intelligent flight and disconnect the aircraft. From what I heard, this workflow limits the waypoints height to about 60 ft.

    (2) Not being able to create a Waypoints mission by flying the mission; and

    (3) Not being able to access a saved mission through your DJI account across multiple devices, including android devices.

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