DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom || Review by Drone Film Guide

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We take a look at DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom from a filmmaking perspective in this video. As an evolution of the already excellent Mavic Pro, the Mavic 2 was always going to be good so let’s get into this as we share some of our thoughts!

0:49 Picture Analysis
6:51 Field of View
9:14 Variable Aperture
10:13 Noise
11:07 Cinematic Control
11:44 Stability
12:12 Battery Life
12:39 Range
13:47 Portability
14:45 Speed
15:54 Active Track
17:25 Quickshots
18:40 HLG
19:26 Controller

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25 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom || Review by Drone Film Guide”

  1. Vladimir Urgalkin

    Hi! Great review, one of the best ive seen!
    Is it any chance to get some similar unedited sample footage (from M2Z & M2P) of any high contrast scene? I have big doubts about which drone one I should choose.. thx!)

  2. Hussein AGHA

    Hello i own a DJI Spark and i wanted to upgrade to a MV2P or MV2Z i saw many YT videos comparing the 2 drones but I'm a little bit confuse i can't make up my mind about which one to choose
    I do photography and videos but i don't do postproduction and i post my pictures/video on social media and the camera of my spark is the same 12mp of the M2Z
    I know that the pro have better quality than the zoom but i wanted to know if it is really worth it to take the Mavic 2 Pro only for social media content ?

  3. Jacob H.

    Very helpful to see the comparison in footage! Seeing that there is image noise even on the Pro footage when it is filmed in normal mode makes me wonder if the Zoom would have a more comparable amount of noise to the Pro, if the Zoom had a D-LOG mode.

    Also it's helpful to know how performance heavy the D-LOG H265 footage is. These negatives of the Pro, and the creative opportunities of the Zoom, definitely make me side towards the Zoom for my usage. The framing of the shot and the ability to get in close seems more important for video work, than a slight difference in image noise. Also, having to de-fish-eye the footage of the Pro, makes me even more worried about editing times with it's footage, on an older computer (a year older than your Macbook).

  4. Monster Fueled

    I'm so glad you mentioned sitting in your car while flying the drone. I often do the same thing to stay away from mosquitoes in North Carolina, but a spark becomes VERY unreliable at that point. I plan to get a Mavic 2 soon so I'm glad it will fix that issue. Still just need to decide if i want the pro or the zoom though…

  5. Christian Dergovics

    Just a short correction/warning on HLG. HLG is an OUTPUT gamma. It is meant for footage which is displayed directly on HDR displays/TVs or uploaded to YouTube or such. It is NOT meant for grading! Of course, you can convert it to another Log/Linear/… gamma in your software for grading. Also, HLG is only the gamma and not directly bound to the color space. Don’t know exactly if DJI use the Rec.709 or BT.2020 color space – I would say they use the BT.2020, because TVs which support HLG normally also support 2020.
    Short: if you want to grade your footage, I suggest using DLOG-M and NOT HLG.
    Short search for a more “professional” description if you want to know more about this:
    Also, if you want to bring back DLOG-M to Rec.709 quickly: DJI has released a “official” LUT:
    (but I hope Blackmagic will include it to Resolves RCM)

  6. L Backer

    Great tutorial. The best nugget for me was at the end in respect to pulling out the Lightning plug from the side of the controller, to enable use of the USB socket!

  7. Hermosa Drones

    H.265 tip. My Lenovo has a Gpu but h.265 footage was slowwwwww until I went into control panel > graphics and added all adobe programs to the graphics menu and set it for high performance. Mine works great now on h.265 footage. Maybe your MacBook has a similar setting.

  8. toneystarcc

    I’m so glad I’ve subscribed to your videos. I truly respect how you give your honest opinion on these drones. It really helps me understand the full capabilities of these drones. Completely torn on which way I should go between the Zoom and M2P. But after watching this I’m leaning more towards the M2P. Keep up the good work.

  9. Chosen Idea

    I'm taking a long hard look at myself in the mirror lol. I'm actually on-board with the size of the 2 Pro for what it does (yes, I'd love to have one some day). For the amount of hiking I do with my gear, I'm very happy living without another bag right now. If I could only find a better way to carry my gimbal, my life would be complete lol.

  10. Daddyof13

    Hi from the just outside Inverness… Fantastic Video by the way…?I am fairly New to the world of Drones just Wondering my goal is to do photography and short films I have at the moment the Mavic Pro but looking at getting a New Mavic with 1 would you go for the M2P or the M2Z ..?

  11. dls364

    Great review and video . . . as always! Sounds like you might want to consider updating to a new desktop Mac for your editing. Can't say enough about how professionally done and helpful your 8 hour course has been for me. Keep up the great work!

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