DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom – How To Use Crystalsky Tutorial

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27 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom – How To Use Crystalsky Tutorial”

  1. sofabike

    I have ; CrystalSky 8,25" with Mavic-Platinum Excelent work. I have Mavic2Pro with Smart controller. Does it possible to use Mavic2Pro with CrystalSky and Smart controller ????

  2. Julio

    Hello, I am Julio, I have a Mavic2, I wanted to ask you because sometimes when copying the HD images to the Dji crystal Sky, image jumps appear, before with the phone it did not happen to me,

  3. Free California

    I know this is 2 yrs old, in fact I gave it a thumbs up back then. However, it’s 2020 and I can’t find any info on the Crystal Sky on the DJI site. I’m wondering if you know or can find out if the new Mavic Air 2 will be compatible with the Crystal Sky? Thanks for your channel and all the work you do!! Cheers from the USA.

  4. Franky-B

    Im runnig in problems with this setup. videolack. and app crashes in flight what a bummer. i have the latest firmware and so on. i also did try the micro usb in the left side . no difference. what i noticed is when i use the micro usb on the left the crystal sky is not auto on when i fire up the controller. what can i do ?

  5. Christopher Haslewood

    Hi Can you please do a Video on the Crustasky using the DJI Pilot APP using the Mavic 2 Zoom as this is now out of Beta and full release now out has the Waypoint feature but I cannot find out how to use it also I cannot see how to switch on the bottom LED Landing light Thank you all your Videos Very useful

  6. mitya jamail

    Thank you so much for your video because it really help me when I needed it. It solve my problem. I have one question for you. Where did you purchase the short USB-C to USB Cable. I cannot seem to find that short cable anywhere. Could you give me a link or something. I would really appreciate it. And thank you so much. You were great. Also with the two micro SD slots in the crystal sky, is there a need to still keep a microSD in the drone? Does it record directly to the crystal sky?

  7. Carlos Amat

    good vid… thank you… SUBSCRIBED
    I bought a CS 7.85 a day or so ago… 
    today DJI updated Go4 app (to include "Waypoints 2.0 for Mavic 2 Pro")
    in your experience… when can we see this update on the CS DJI Go 4.0 app…
    thinking out loud… return the CS and buy the new smart controller…
    thank you in advance…

  8. Blindshiva

    I know that I am in "enemy" territory here but I'll ask anyway: I have the Autel EVO but I cannot see any screen in the bright sunlight, even with a great hood. I would dearly love to use the CrystalSky with my EVO but they seem to be incompatible. Does anyone here know how I can make these work together? I think that part of the problem is dji has blocked access to Google Play Services and/or the Google Play Store and there should be a work around for this. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Capt. Barbossa

    Hello@ Mad RC… i just recieved my NEW CS/Ultra (mfgr date 4/2018) for my M2Pro… upon udating the DjiGo app & DjiGo4 to current firmware versions… i was checking the CS/ultra current version & displays V2.4.2.0 but a window keeps popn up "NOTE Failed to check firmware package.Check your network & retry" ! is that the CS current correct version?

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