We listen to you wetalkers! We’ve done a low light, battery, fov and footage test to compare the P4P2.0 and the M2P. Which one will be the best?


Let’s go inside!

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  1. The Wizard

    Oh guys it's a tough one…out of the Mavic 2 pro and the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 which one should I go for??? Well it's a difficult one when you weigh up the pros and cons! On the matter of flight the Mavic 2 Pro is designed for slightly longer times than the P4 Pro 2.0 so that's one point to the M2Pro! The P4Pro is slightly faster than the Mavic 2 Pro so a point there and the P4Pro also appears to handle colder climates and poorer visibility slightly better than the M2Pro respectfully so that's another point to the P4 Pro 2.0! Thumbs up straight away for Size, lightweight and essentially compactness goes to Mavic2 Pro so a point there! For shooting and filming which is still a controversial one between these two great little drones is that what the P4Pro lacks in dynamic range compared to the M2 Pro it makes up for in sharper clearer picture quality ever but ever so slightly although the debate will still linger on so both points for each drone! Which leaves us with price and affordability making the M2 Pro so much cheaper than the P4Pro so overall who's the winner?? The Mavic 2 Pro comes out on top is the ideal choice although with any good drone for aerial photo/filmography then colour grading is a must whether it's Abobe Premier, Photoshop, Devinci Resolve 16 etc! But if you ask me each of these drones still have a few tricks up their sleeves making it almost a tie making drone flying a true delight than many others on the market!

  2. Carlos Julio Martínez Támara -CAJUMA-

    Thanks to you I made the decision to sell my Mavic 2 Pro and buy the Phantom 4 Pro 2.0. I devoted myself to photogrammetry. Although the Phantom is very cumbersome to transport, its stability, its robustness and the quality of its image, put it one point higher than the Mavic 2 Pro. Sorry for my English. Thank you very much for this video!

  3. indra desbois

    he GPS technology made this drone very easy to fly🌟>JustU.Faith/-DJIDrone?紳 and with the 5 direction obstacle avoidance it made flying easy to control. The app is a bit glitchy which would make me want to rate this a 4 star, but since this review is solely on the Phantom 4 Pro (P4P) it went above my expectations. If you are trying to make a decision between the P4 or the P4P drone, I would honestly pay a bit extra for the P4P. The 1 inch sensor creates beautiful images, shooting in 4K at 60fps is just crazy specs that will blow any other drone out of the air at this tier level. What a fantastic piece of technology.

  4. AlksAdventures

    On my iPhone I can notice the difference, Phantom looks noticeably sharper than Mavic. Does it matter to the average person? Probably not, the Mavic is good enough already. But that’s not who the Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 is geared towards.

    I’ll bring it over to my 4k monitor to test…

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