DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic Air – Ultimate Drone Battle!

Here is our comparison between the DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs the Mavic Air.
More info on the Mavic 2 Pro:

More info on the Mavic 2 Zoom:

More info on the Mavic Air:

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47 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic Air – Ultimate Drone Battle!”

  1. gu8601

    Here in the U.S. Costco had the Air for $599.99 with prop guards, 2 sets of extra pros and DJI carrying sling pack, all through Nov.-Jan 1st. Paid around 670 with taxes. Best deal I have ever seen.

  2. Marlon King

    Thanks for the review, I hope to get a drone 2019. I have my eyes on the Air, but not sure whether to get the cheap package, or save and get the extra fly pack, or just buy batteries as i need. Also, there is a hope they will update the Air this year either with firmware or a new model with some minor updates which may be nice or at least bring the old model down to be more affordable. Maybe the spark at £350, the Air at £600 and Air 2 at £800 would be nice if it had the quieter, longer battery life and distance of range would be pretty cool to see for 2019. I need small and portable so the pro range looks a little bit much for me at least at this point in time.
    thanks again, all the best.

  3. Ben Hinman

    The mavic air is a terrible drone. Down to 3 things:
    Battery life. So fucking short
    Lack of occusync. Lost signal at 500 feet away on a beach without wifi signal, didn't return to home for some reason and my drone went for a swim and i never saw it again. What a fucking waste of money.
    No log mode and trying to shoot in a flat profile makes everything look grey and disgusting

  4. Fabian Volf

    Something is wrong with your rendering or bitrate settings, the mavic pro footage looks not only worse than the mavic air, but even worse than my drone footage from a Phantom 3.

  5. Mohammad Nahla

    I liked your analysis and your judgment since I am interested about mavic air or mavic 2 pro, my judgment was that the price difference is not justifiable vs value added from 2 pro to air. Thank you for the nice effort you did.

  6. Tom Rob

    The mavic air has a major flaw which is the wifi technology that it has, it doesnt have ocusync… all of a sudden one day your mavic air will just not connect, just google this and you will see how serious this is.. the mavic air is not a reliable drone.. even the spark is more reliable, this is because the mavic air is the only drone that uses wifi for everything…

  7. Jon Phillips

    I'm no drone expert but I think Air just looks better than M2. This is from looking at footage. Could be user issue ( new ). Air could use higher frame rate but still looks so good !


    Each drone has purpose. While the mavic 2 has great capabilities and is a step above the original mavic, I don't think it's a good replacement when it comes to film to the P4 pro. It comes close but not close enough.

  9. Nigel Nichols

    Ultimate Drone Battle? What utter click bait crap. Fed up with seeing silly videos on YouTube comparing 2 completely different specifications drones in completely different tiers. For what it's worth, you might as well compare an inspire 2 X5S with a Syma X5C because that's all these videos are worth. The best drone to have is the best one you've got as that's the best one you could afford that best suits your scenario.

  10. Anyname willdo

    the mavic 2 is pretty much the same its only more gimmicky better, the fundamentals are pretty much the same outside of flight time and range. but you pay well for that x2 the price of the air and who really needs to fly 8km…

  11. pj1982_

    if my mavic air could last for a half hour in battery life up in the air i would be much happier. Size and weight mean nothing when it comes to the idea of needing more batteries. Its like the same concept for the sony apsc cameras. The weight gets put back on when you need 5 batteries to do a shoot for a day.

  12. CyberJay1226

    I still think this is like comparing apples and oranges. No, not much difference in flight capability but the camera is where the $600 went to. Look at dslr cameras and compare the features of an $800 one vs a $1400 one and consider those differences. I think of the Air as more for people like me and the Pro is more for my friends who are professional photographers who do a lot of editing. Does an amateur photographer go out and buy a $4000 camera? Usually not, but they may drop $1500. I think it’s kind of the same here. Thanks for vid, keep it up. You always have great info and details.

  13. Frost Visto

    Nice informative and professional video 🙂 however, your backlight shining in the lens when you move your head annoys me a lot. I advice to move your backlight higher so it isnt in the background anymore but still gives you your wanted rimlight

  14. Delawares Realtor Nick Barkins

    Always enjoy your videos however you said the air you considered it the best drone? The original Mavic pro is far superior than the air not just in the camera but basically every aspect aside from the air having a rear sensor. Original mavic pro has occusync which is FAR superior than the airs wifi connection. The air has loss of signal even a few hundred feet away in urban areas. Mavic pro connects wirelessly to dji goggles. Has far superior manual camera settings. Flight time FAR more than the air. Controller has a display and air does not. Etc etc.

    Curious as to what about the air made you think it was the best drone out over the mavic pro original?

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