DJI Mavic 2 Pro unboxing and first hands on

Buy the Mavic 2 from DJI here:
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First hands on and unboxing of the really rather impressive Mavic 2 Pro. Check out my blog post for more thoughts on it:

Graded with Film Convert. 10% off with code bloom at

Music credits at the end.

Drone supplied by DJI for review purposes.

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  1. Rick

    @philip bloom where did you get the information that 4k full fov was 8 bits, and 4k hq 10 bits? Because nothing displays in the menus regarding the 10 bits, I even wondered if my card was too slow to get the full potential (a7sII style you know). I imported test footage into mediainfo and data said that 4k cropped 25 fps, 4k full fov 25fps fov and 2.7k 59,94 fps were all 10 bits 4.2.0.

  2. Fly Guy

    There are conflicting reports on the the crop HQ mode being the only mode with 10 bit recording. Some people are claiming that the full field of view mode is 10 bit as well. For those of us on the fence of purchasing this for its 1 inch sensor at 10 bit recording this poses a bit of a problem as DJI was a bit quiet about this detail. Please address this further in your follow up video as a lot of the people reviewing this drone are not filmmakers but rather drone fliers with limited camera experiences and could possibly be spreading misinformation to those of us who care a lot on what we’re paying for image wise. Essentially, if the crop isn’t to film in 10 bit then what is the crop actually for?

  3. Robert Fratacci

    Hello. I was just wondering if you noticed a slight fisheye effect in your footage? My footage has a slight curve in the horizon. I have seen noticed this in 2 other YouTube videos and was wondering if this is normal for the camera or is it possible I may have a defective camera.

  4. Lars Hennings

    Are you sure that you are limited to 8 Bit when you are using the Full-FOV-Mode instead of the HQ-Mode? It would help a lo to know that you can choose between two different FOVs without compromising image quality especially regarding the dicision between the Mavic 2 Pro- and Zoom-Version… Recording to the technical data sheet on the DJI homepage and the FAQ-section, the difference between Full-FOV and HQ would be 75° vs. 55° which is getting close to the zoom-versions 83° vs. 48° FOV in 24 mm vs. 48 mm of zoom.

  5. Aventureiro Paulek

    Me faça uma surpresa e de um de presente não precisa ser novo poder usado… Já que nunca tive um drone muito menos consigo comprar um… Que Deus te abençoe… Se me proporcionar está alegria… Amém… Abraço!

  6. Bruce Williams

    I plan on getting one of these. I have the Phantom 4 Pro but it is huge. a bit of a pain really.

    Geez, the amount of packaging just to ship something. I plan to film a video about all the packaging waste filling up the landfills. Also, the amount of waste that ends up in the ocean is astonishing.

  7. Guide504

    Phil whats the lens on the camera?

    So far the only hassel bit about the camera is the colour science under license. The sensor is sony and the guts are dji please tell me the lens is better that the p4pro mine is soft on the left side.

  8. iDirectMovies

    I noticed on many FB groups a rush to sell Inspire 1s to get this. 10 Bit 4K at this price range will kill off the Inspire 1. I think my I2 will remain my work horse for the foreseeable future with my Mavic Air for doodling. I have a P3 Pro and I1 pro doing nothing. Looking forward to seeing the native images from this little fella. Did you get the 4x zoom version Phil? (By the way come over to Ireland and we'll get you dual citizenship like most of my British colleagues LOL)

  9. D Hansel

    A scenario…..
    As the world tensions escalates in the world of global power and one of the big ones, China (who make DJI drones) decide to ‘turn off’ all their drones what would we do?
    Has anyone reverse-engineered their software so if a drone is disabled we could run a patch to keep it running and not have to depend on China to keep our drones flying.

    If that did happen lots of people would have DJI bricks, very expensive ones for that matter sitting on shelves.

    Some people may think this couldn’t happen. If and when it does it will be too late.

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