DJI Mavic 2 Pro Sound and Propeller Test

Is the DJI Mavic 2 quieter than the Mavic Pro Platinum? Do the Mavic 2 propellers fit on the Mavic Pro Platinum? Watch this video as I test the noise levels of the Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum and Phantom 4 Pro.

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44 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 Pro Sound and Propeller Test”

  1. chevyhighrider

    I swear my Platinum is much louder now than a year ago when I first got it. It used to sound like the Pro 2 does here, nice and low hum and now it sounds like it screams more. I also recently bought new low noise props directly from the DJI website and same thing.

  2. Jeffrey Mcdonald

    Well poop. I was hoping the Pro 2 Zoom would be as quiet as the Pro Platinum. But, wait one second, if you have a zoom capacity, you don't have to get as close to yer target. High speed test….and this would take a real pro…500 yard test…from drone to target….measure db's and compare image. Drop it back in increments and see how much it upsets the livestock.

  3. eddie

    I brought the Mavic Pro Platinum but then the Mavic Pro 2 come just after, maybe should have waited, But to see one of its good points to a updated drone maybe its not too bad after all lighter and quieter, Thanks

  4. Franklin Haskell

    Does anyone know what the difference between the props that come on the Mavic 2 pro and the props that are in the fly more kit are? Or are you just getting spare props in the fly more kit? I see you can buy the Mavic 2 Low-Noise Propellers but do they come factory on it?

  5. Donald Boeing

    Great test, to the point and informative! Wondering how much DB the Mavic 2 makes at 120 meters, as that is the maximum flight height where I live. Or alternatively: at what altitude would it be impossible to hear it? Cheers!

  6. Robert Laureano

    Thanks for answering my question of whether or not the Mavic 2 props work on the Mavic 1. Now we know it doesn't. Everyone seems to be asking for a Phantom 4 Pro vs Mavic 2 Pro video comparison. I seen one from here but I don't like how he had it on auto white balance. I'd like to see a comparison using the same white balance, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO between the drones to see whether the Phantom line still has an advantage.

  7. Peter Boos

    Could you test them against a Parot Anafi,
    I heard its more silent, but its hard to compare without the equipment you have.
    It got less weight smaller props so it could be more silent.

  8. inocente molina

    Nice video and test but i feel that for everyone will be different because all depends about place, wind, weather, propellers, etc i think if you want less sound on your drone get the carbon fiber propellers less sound, less weight, better quality etc

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