DJI Mavic 2 Pro Problems So Far

▶︎Mavic 2 Pro –
▶︎Mavic 2 Zoom –

The Mavic 2 is available in two versions. Mavic 2 Pro features a Hasselblad camera and Mavic 2 Zoom features a zoom camera. Both drones have their unique use cases but I prefer the Mavic 2 Pro, due to the awesome Hasselblad camera with one-inch sensor. #Mavic2Pro #Mavic2

Equipment used to film this video:
▶︎Camera –
▶︎25mm Lens –
▶︎Microphone –
▶︎Tripod –

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21 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 Pro Problems So Far”

  1. IceColdKilax

    Why do people keep buying these Junky cheap Chinese Drones ?
    It's just cuz it's the biggest company and easiest to use. And suddenly they fancy themselves Pro drone pilots and Pro photographers. Wake up people.

  2. Rahul Rabha

    My mavic 2 pro had a minor crash where all the propellers were damaged… Got a new set though but now the problem occurring are like continuous opstacle warning and when I want to calibrate it shows about alignment error …. Please suggest me what should I do ….

  3. Obsetube

    Can you talk about the side to side sensors being disabled? DJI puts it on the box “omnidirectional avoidance”, yet side to side is disabled during virtually all flight modes. It’s allowed in active track and tripod mode. All tripod mode does is cap the speed and sensitivity to the camera. 2 miles per hour. Why are the sensors disabled? And when will they be turned on. The inspire 2 has them on during all flight modes.

    Why can’t you save a waypoints mission and implement it later? The only way to use waypoints is to mark them by flying. There are even people that have misleading titles on how waypoints works and how to do it, then they literally start recording flying out and trying to mark them.

    Lastly, that 1” sensor is defective. Why no removable gimbal for future better cameras?

    This is stuff that makes me look elsewhere. Splash has waterproof drones, evo has all these features that are advertised and work.

  4. Red-Dragon11

    its not a hasellblade camera, DJI brought out the company stuck the name on the front its a dji camera abusing the hasselblade name claiming you have a one inch sensor that the camera is not using

  5. Stephen Verdonian-phd

    My suggestion…
    "Buy 'American' because you can Expect Business as Usual from China… (period)"…

    2 months ago
    Sorry but, DJI is badly coded APP filled with errors that the company will not deal with. DJI's firmware sometimes has very serious errors. Strictly speaking, people who buy a DJI product is beta tester for the company. However, DJI can obviously get rid of such a bad treatment of their customers, because blind and deaf people like the two gentlemen here sitting and speak their errors/mistakes down on youtube. It's a sad world in which we live. ;-(

  6. British Boxer

    im surprised DJI did not make their cameras removable and upgradable to the point where they can be used as all around Youtube blogging and sports action cameras, the technology today clearly allows us to use 360 cams for home security, dashboard for cars etc etc, i think they will all merge into high end smart cameras that are tiny.

  7. Dmax

    Thanks for the video but I got to say that background really don't go with your studio lighting dude try match the two up a bit better next time.

  8. Lou The Cat Tv

    Great job IrixGuy 🙂 I have also had some problems with drifting after final landing command…I go straight above landing pad and engage the landing by pressing stick down…it begins to descend and drifts about 8 inches and mows tall grass and is super dramatic and freaks me out 🙁 i have never had a problem landing drones before like this… I guess that is what precision landing is for that last 3 feet going straight down…i have heard they are going to add precision landing in a firmware update soon…never knew i even used it as i never used RTH…thanks for another great video my friend…your green screen effect is so cool it makes jealousy rise in some folks….i must pray for them 🙂 may God bless

  9. Irvine James Forbes

    Thank you for your message regarding one comment about the fantastic video of the mavic 2 pro shows it’s a very profitable business for those who do it wish I could travel to all the exotic countries. I will stick to my choice of the mavic platinum and should I want to take very professional videos and photography I have my very very expensive Nikon and Hasselblad X1D-50C 4116 cameras. Got 2 Hubsan 501ss drones for sale


    Man, you will miss 10points too
    1.color profile 3 out of 10
    2.precision landing
    3.fixed wing mode
    4.terrain following
    5.gesture control
    6.portrait mode
    7.follow me
    8.course/home lock
    9.waypoints mode saving hyperlapse has different purpose
    10.battery discharge fixed 10days why

  11. Mr. Z Pilot

    Mavic 2 is overpriced, and they split off the Flymore combo so they could charge more for the drones.

    Oh and DJI is going to charge (probably a decent amount) for the service of swapping cameras from zooms to pro or vice versa, and it's been tested and proven to be a simple plug and play swap anyone can do.. just to RIP us off a little bit more of our hard earned money.??

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