DJI Mavic 2 Pro / POINT OF INTEREST (Tutorial)

In this video, I showcase how to use the Intelligent Flight Mode known as “Point of Interest”. Recorded September of 2018.
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“Canyon Breeze”
by: Dylan Young
Music provided by Dylan Young Music
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DJI Mavic 2 Pro
GoPro 5 Session
iPhone 7+
DJI Go 4 App.










47 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 Pro / POINT OF INTEREST (Tutorial)”

  1. Tom B

    Hey Dillon, Thanks for a really great tutorial! You got through it slowly and methodically which is really helpful! So many just go through it too fast and you really can't see what is going on with controller selections but your video is perfect! Thanks again!

  2. Rick Merkel

    Can I still fly and pick my way points manually? There is certain features on a 6 acre construction project that I cant pre program from the map? I would like to fly to a point and record a way point, then fly to another point and so on… Can this still be done this way? Thanks

  3. Larry Driver

    Thank you, Dylan. Just found you and your tutorials are wonderful. I've found the DJI manual to be a little lacking. Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  4. Anna Boroshok

    Hey, thanks for the video! I totally stuck on drawing a box around the point of interest. Every time I try to do it, it simply drags the map :/ how can I do that? You do it with your fingers, right?

  5. Jared M

    Our drone arrives tomorrow for our travel IG that we have (for future hotel collaborations) and your videos have been immensely helpful (on my 5th one now).

  6. LogansBaya

    Bravo! Well done Dylan! You’ve explained and answered all my questions I had about this feature. I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned here. Thank you!

  7. C Liew

    Thanks Dylan, well explained. Helped me on my learning path. I might add, pressing the 'pause' button if decide to stop, and there's no side sensors (Mavic Air) when flying sideways – I learned the hard way! Subscribed already to your videos and looking forward to learning more from you!

  8. woodysg1

    Wish you would quit making so many great videos,I don’t have any time left to go shooting on my own. Lol. Your videos are the best I’ve seen. I just got my Mavic Pro 2 last week. Loving it

  9. EYECRAFTVideo

    Hey – Love the video – BUT can you set waypoints manually like the original mavic – I think its stupid setting waypoints via a map!! as you can't frame your shot – there is no way of accurately framing your waypoint's height, angle, gimbal to frame properly, after all photography & videography is a visually sport not a plotting art you make on a map?? Please, your knowledge will be very appreciated.

  10. A A

    With the Zoom you can zoom in and out w/ the Zoom and at 1080p30 it's feels like you are 10x closer than you are. The youtube videos don't do justice. Also looking backwards when it's orbiting is nice as you can strategically make it where you want to do a backward curving shot on something. You can just 60fps and motionflow in Resolve. I turn 30fps 4k vids into 60 w/ it.

  11. Douglas Sooley

    Is it just me, or was the capacity never counting down after you hit Go? So was it even recording the POI? When I tried this I had to manually hit the start button after hitting go…..

  12. Goran Drone

    GJ BRO, I upgraded recently to m2p , but I think taht POI on m1p was better and more precise, because it was base on gps lock on that poi, and this Poi on M2p is based by optical parameters, the old one was more complitate to started because you had to fly above the POI, correct me if I am wrong…

  13. cem duru

    When you hit GO for point of interest does it start recording automatically like in quickshots or do you toggle record yourself? Thanks for this tutorial!

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