DJI Mavic 2 Pro – Create AMAZING Night Hyperlapses (Tutorial)

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The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is a beast when it comes to hyperlapses! However, you don’t get the maximum quality when using the automated video that the drone makes for you when you finish your hyperlapse! With a bit of patience and editing, you can create some kick-ass hyperlapses that are at least 5times better the the originals 🙂 Here are a couple of tips that you can use to achieve that.

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41 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 Pro – Create AMAZING Night Hyperlapses (Tutorial)”

  1. Zombies Can't Swim

    Have to respectfully disagree on a point. While it is necessary to use manual settings, the video compiled by the drone is exceptional, and in the example you provided, IMO, looks better than your edited version.

    Everybody has an opinion of what appeals to their eye, so to each their own, but for novices to professionals, the drone compiled hyperlapse video is fantastic and perfectly useful for most applications.

    Some folks just pride themselves on their "Editing skills" and apparently need to justify their skillset. I often find most of the edited vs compiled comparisons to look worse after second guessing and tweaking the footage. It is a waste of time in most cases.

  2. Bill Steighner

    Hi Mike, is it possible to do what you did here with this hyperlapse in Lightroom and Final Cut Pro the same in Photoshop cc 2020? Thanks for your reply. By the way I truly enjoy and as well appreciate you sharing ALL the time and hard work with these videos Bill

  3. Björn Blomkvist

    Why aim for 2.8? It will give you more light but also shortest focus and with landscapes you wanna have as much in focus as possible. I would think you wanna aim for the highest aperture that still give you enough light (and sharpness, don't know where the Mavics sweet spot is for most camera it's couple of stope above full opening which would be another argument for not using 2.8).

  4. Julien Dufour

    Hi, thanks for the video, great stuff. On my Mavic 2, I ticked "save original pictures of hyperlapse in raw" and nothing is saved, on the end video made by Mavic, is anyone else having this issue?

  5. AshManXP

    Thank you for this video. I have a question, why can't I save waypoints? I want to be able to return to the same location in the day and do a second video and then join both videos together with transitions between night and day. For this I would need to reuse a Saved waypoint.

  6. erbsl99

    Drohne flights at night are forebidden everywhere, except you have a special permit.
    That Video encourage other people to do the same – and so you increase the mood against drohne pilots.

  7. Dest

    Sooo, you exported the photos in their native resolution (5568x3648px), then imported them into a 1080p project, exported into video and then imported again, then stabilized and cropped in? That is a waste of resolution and quality because you are cutting from the 1080p video. What you should have done (and I know it is more time consuming for render times) is, you first create a higher resolution production project (native res or at least 4k), export that video and then use it to stabilize and crop-in in the 1080p master project. That way you preserve the quality. But even this is not a very good workflow, because it gets a lot easier in Premiere Pro, where you get to do this in just one project, without the need of prerendering the higher resolution unstabilised video. You can just nest the native res sequence, then put it into a 1080p sequence, warp stabilize it and crop in however you want, then just export once in the best quality posible.

  8. Twice Knightly

    Great stuff! Do you do this same process for a day time or dawn/dusk Hyperlapse? Also is Final Cut Pro the best app to compile the images to video or will premiere or after effects work? Thanks!

  9. Caradellino Wazer

    Though they are all great shots, I think the last of the intro (at about 0:16) is the best. The others I consider a bit too fast to be cinematic, a good drone hyperlapse should fake a normal, slow cinematic flight while objects moving in the world should appear accelerated. If you can't, for any reason, bring down the actual speed of the drone increase height and/or distance.

    It's a pity you cant control speed and still have to wait on waypoints. Even if I admire MP2 Pro and consider it the better drone in build and implemented technology, IMHO Parrot's Anafi currently gives you more versatility: it can shoot 4k hyperlapse video on the fly, due to EIS you need no stabilization in post, which also means no cropping in post and, last but not least, with flight plan you have all the functions DJI promised with waypoints for MP2, giving you the possibillity to fly perfectly straight while gradually changing from one POI to another at 1m/s.
    I really hope for MP2 DJI will start getting their homework done and fulfill all their promises, customers pay more than double compared to Anafi (even with all the in App purchases full price, safe the 99c offer).
    On the other hand, as an European I waited in vain for Spark to get a 25fps (PAL compatible) video mode…or the ability to shoot 2k in tripod mode. This was, honestly speaking, a big disappointment, for the craft itself clearly had the potential.IMHO DJI deliberately withheld this functions., which I consider a shame.

  10. Sla Wek

    Hi Mike. What's the attitude and movement speed in your hyperlapse of that building. I'm trying to achieve this in Mavic air , point of interest, and interval shots. Thanks

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