DJI Mavic 2 Pro better than Inspire 2 except THIS!

DJI Mavic 2 Pro is better than Inspire 2

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Sound sucks at times… Wind was gusting, but I wanted to share. Thanks for watching!!

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30 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 Pro better than Inspire 2 except THIS!”

  1. Houston Brown

    I do not disagree with you at all, especially when it comes to the return on investment as it pertains to image quality. You are having to spend A LOT more money to get just a bit more quality. However, the I2 is not just about camera quality. The fact that you can record in Apple ProRes and RAW is huge for higher end commercial work. The ability to fly in ATTI mode on the I2 is going to be a must for most professionals which the Mavic 2 can not do, at least not without performing a hack via the DJI Assistant. No mater how stable you think the Mavic is, it will never perform as well in higher winds (That is to say while it is moving and in ATTI mode). This is just plain physics. One is a rock while the other is a paper airplane. Yes, I am exaggerating but you get the point. Still none of this negates your point. Unless you are buying a drone for higher end professional work, than you really do not need the I2. I will be adding the M2P to my tool set soon as DJI takes care of all the bugs. I say that now but we will see. (lol) I think having both the I2 and the M2P will offer me great diversity both in my professional work and personal work.

  2. blue280485

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  3. Obsetube

    The mavic 2 problem is that camera. And lack of gimbal swop. It’s about time DJI add gimbal swop on series like the mavic, as other companies are doing this. Splash is one. That and weatherproofing. I will say this. That little drone held its spot perfectly.

  4. Ian Webb

    I agree about the stability issues with the I2! I'm glad I'm not the only one that is experiencing this; my I2 drifts all over the place. Have you reached out to DJI directly about this?

  5. Arpit Jain

    Irony…. talking about comparison between drones and did not showed a single comparison footage. and showing footage of unnecessary hovering n flights.

    All those spec n all can any one compare on DJI website itself.

    why to waste time of others with misleading titles ?

    and interchangeable lens is not only benefit of inspire.
    1) most important thing is image/video quality of bigger sensor.
    2) 2 operator control
    3) rotating camera without rotating drone
    4) retractable landing gear
    5) 4K 60fps and 5.2k 30fps

  6. Gebhardt Insurance Group

    I have both platforms. The Mavic is great for run and gun. Super price point. Amazing actually. The Mavic Pro 2 delivers a beat down to the phantom pro 4 in every way.

    A quick tip for you; get your audio right. The audio appears to be recorded from several sources and it would be better from just one. Great otherwise!

  7. EG Films

    Thanks for making this video, its a great comparison between the two. The Phantom is now obsolete in my opinion and the Mavic and Inspire are the only 2 players. Please make more in-depth comparison videos if you have the time, I think a lot of people would find value in it. Definitely got my sub!

  8. Canyu Lucas Li

    The only reason for Inspire 2 is the X7 camera, which definately has much better image quality than 1 inch sensor. Of course, this difference of image qualities is not important for normal people. But I do think it is important for the people who using the cameras like RED.

  9. Anthony Smith

    I think you make some really good points in this video. One thing to speak on as far as technology goes, we’re looking at one year difference in production and also several versions of drones have been developed from DJI between the two units. With that being said the Mavic 2 line should be better than the older drones. I already have a Mavic pro and really like the Mavic 2 Pro but I chose to get a refurbished inspire 2 just for the camera system alone. With that being said I am planning on buying the Mavic 2 Pro I do think that Hasselblad camera and the portability of the drone can’t be beat.

  10. solen 1

    The inspire drifts because it's a bigger bird. GPS isn't 100% accurate and small rotor inputs change the characteristics of the bird more than a smaller drone

  11. Tom Spurlock

    I think you forgot the speed comparison. I2 wins that, in case you want to follow cars for commercial work. It's sad DJI can't fix the hover stability. I2 has been out for over 18mos. That's plenty of time.

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