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We compared both DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom to the older versions of the same drone, the DJI Mavic Pro 1 and the Platinum version, here are the results, hope you like them!

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38 Replies to “DJI MAVIC 2 PRO and ZOOM VS MAVIC 1 PRO and PLATINUM”

  1. mr.mike h

    What sort of country allows total vandalism of such historic buildings? I've never seen anything as bad as that. Graffiti everywhere, that would NEVER happen in the UK. What a fucking outrage!!

  2. toriless

    White balance seems to be an issue between models. Is the building pink, white or yellow. I suspect it is not the pale color the the 2 zoom makes it appear. In the footage shot where you are posing or talking about the drones it appears pink (but then you are quite red as well) like in the Pro footage but it look more yellow in the Pro 2 still and video. The color saturation is clearly highest in the Pro 2 and lowest in the Zoom. It just seem off in the Pro, maybe too much.

  3. Neuro Fiber

    If the Mavic 2's big selling point is the Hassalblad camera should we get more image comparison shots?
    Frankly all I saw in the Hassalblad shots was higher saturation. I certainly wouldn't buy it for the sharpness of the images.

  4. james R.

    Do you think that these new drones will spell the end of the Phantom series? I hope not because I too love the Phantom, but sales and market forces will determine if the phantom will survive in the future. Also , they seem to be a bit late in announcing a new Phantom don't they?

  5. David Hall

    Glad you brought up the LED lights for a reason to buy it’s my favorite part of the new drone. I just got a spark and I love it but the cost of drones in Australia is expensive the Mavic 2 Zoom is $2000 here so the spark is fun for now

  6. migal ant

    As I said a few days ago, for a more professional use and ….From my perspective, there is something still missing: IPX7 certified protection against water and IP6X certified protection against dust…besides, I'm wondering if DJI is already thinking about devices capable of making not just a SRH when they run out of battery, but to be able to find and connect by their own to a charging base, fixed or mobile. Any news about it?

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