DJI Mavic 2 Landing Skid Float kit

DJI Mavic 2 Landing Skid Float kit
Buoyant rods can be installed to allow the Mavic 2 to take off and land on the water

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Test footage from the Mavic 2 Zooms camera:

Highly Stability, Eliminates Rocking, Allows Smoother Landings, and allows for a smooth landing on a variety of unstable surfaces.
Lightweight, portable, easy to carry and install, It can use your drone flying on the river and lakes,you can use it take off and land on the lake,no worry about your drone sinking.
Buoyant rods can be installed to allow the Mavic 2 to take off and land on the water, it can allow let you play in the calm water
Note :Do not use on wavy water, otherwise there will be danger of turning over, to fly in calm water places

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  1. Michael Richards

    This is great idea for anyone flying around coastlines. The buoyancy the floats provide might offer some chance of getting your drone back – as for whether or not it still works once the salt water gets into the circuit boards – who knows.

  2. DIGITAL FISH - Content that catches

    Hi Peter, Im looking at this for my Mavic drone. I usually have a phantom I fly over water which makes hand catching easier landing back on my boat. The foam landing gear looks easier to catch. My question is – did the foam under carriage get in the way of the camera's angle of view? Did you try recording and when you swivelled the camera down did the foam landing gear get in the way of any shots? Thanks.


    Start RC aren't providing 'Chinese' language courses, and are selling their kit in the UK via amazon with Chinese instructions. Totally rubbish. Thanks for your resource here. Very helpful and informative.

  4. YBPlaysMusic

    how easy and quick is it to install and remove this kit?
    Because when traveling, I'd like to put the drone away in my backpack, folded in a case. And with the kit on, it's quite spacious it seems.
    Thank you!

  5. JT

    i'd change the float material to styrofoam, shaping the ends to be aerodynamic – every time you landed in the water it looked like the drone sat lower – only way that could happen is if the floats were sponges

  6. Grouse House Technologies

    One downside to a lot of these float designs is that you are placing a sizeable object directly in the airflow from the props. You are also limiting the pan angles on the camera (panning with your finger on the phone screen).

    I'm working on a new float system for my Mavic 2 Pro which utilises 90mm styrofoam balls on the end of 40cm CF rods and 3D printed clips that attach to the arms that the rods go into. Rods are angled down to give some clearance from the sand / surf when landed. Very stable due to the large footprint and not unlike the concept of the training ping pong balls used to help with flying RC helicopters. Balls will be painted fluro colours to see easily in the surf if the worst happens. I also have the DJI replacement cover but that would be pointless if it was sitting at the bottom of the ocean. Ugly as hell flying with these things attached but well worth it.

    Also working on a remote speaker system similar to the Enterprise version at a fraction of the cost that can be attached to a range of drones. Handy when I'm trying to instruct a wedding party while I'm filming them.

  7. Dronethat

    My Mavic 2 Pro comes with the supplemental DJI Care and one of the requirements in order to claim for a replacement in case you crash the Mavic is to have the crashed drone itself. I fly above water in haft of my flights and some of them over saltwater (sea, ocean, beach) and I am afraid in most cases, if this Mavic crashes into the water, retrieval is hard or even impossible coz these drones don't float. These float would be a nice solution to this, even if I crash into the water. I am not gonna use them to take off or land on water but for retrieval purposes in case I crash into the water so I can have the physical drone when I claim for replacement. I'll get one of these.
    Another thing though, I wonder how can these floats obstruct the camera or are they even obstructing the camera? Can you give a comment on that?

  8. Ray Keogh

    Peter your the lucky one after watching this I ordered one of ebay only to find out in my STARIRC bocages to only find two injection float holders is I wont be using it. I also have a damper with mine. we have the same company sending out two different models.

  9. Mr International59

    I don't like the bracket mounting around the drone and it lands too close to the water. If a wave comes it could tip it over and now you have water damage, too expensive for that. I prefer the Arris Raptor 2 skid landing brackets as they are much higher and less hassle installing, although much more expensive than these but worth it when you're talking about a $1500 drone. Besides I would only use it when I was flying over water just in case something happens at least it won't be at the bottom of the ocean or a lake. You can take the pontoons off and use the legs to land in high grass with no problem.

  10. yoragistri

    Nice video. I live on a Greek island and most of my flying is over sea. In case it falls with this kit will it float, or the floats are going to fall apart? You see if not lost, I could use care refresh to replace it. What do you think? Thanks.

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