DJI Mavic 2 – How to Calibrate the Vision System Sensors

Make sure you are always checking your DJI Mavic 2 system status to confirm your drone is functioning properly. I’ve seen a few posts online regarding the vision system sensors calibration, so I wanted to help show you how to calibrate the vision system sensors on your Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro.

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46 Replies to “DJI Mavic 2 – How to Calibrate the Vision System Sensors”

  1. Troy Pointer Photography

    Hello demonstration of what you have done is not correct I tried to do it myself just moving the drone very slightly and it kept on telling me there's an error it does not even give you a chance to move the drone into the Blue Box What happens if you don't have a steady hand because he does not give you a chance to even move the drone so I don't know how you did it all the best Troy

  2. mark guth

    I’ve downloaded the dji assistant 2 program, when the program is open, I don’t have any menu down the left hand side to select “calibration”.
    And it not recognising my drone being plugged in.

  3. Sergio Fallas

    I tried calibrating it and I realized my downward vision sensors had no display.. I only used my drone once and landing was pretty normal ( not hard or anything ). If someone knows how to fix this I would appreciate it 🙏🏽

  4. Joe Lepore

    Yo, Aldryn – shout out from the Big Apple! Thanks for all your videos. They're a big help to me and I appreciate them. Because of you, I bought the Mavic Mini, and now the Mavic Air 2, which will be delivered to me, this Tuesday (June 2nd) I'm still learning and have a long way to go, but here's a quick of the park by my house, over looking the Hudson River. Have a great day! (BTW…I miss San Diego – I lived there from 1979 – 1986)

  5. Tiestot Thon

    I just got my mavic zoom yesterday and when i did start it up he did show error on the front sensor. And i downloaded assistance but the wrong one after 3 hours i did give up and long arms (i was close to start vaping again ) , But the funny part was that i almoust manage do it i got to the last stage then he did freeze on one spot when i was moving around the drone to hit the blue spots he did swow up,.But the real problem was the front and back sensor there you needed get them perfect in line when it got blue and hold for a few sec that was not easy but i did manage that in the end omg i was about to send back the drone hehehe, with the correct mavic assitance it just took 5 min 🙂 SO Download the correct Assistance that will save your day for sure hehe

  6. John Asbacher

    Several things that are not mentioned in the video and are important:

    1: make sure you are doing this in a dark room where you can minimize reflections from a bright window or light back onto the computer screen

    2: make sure you are using a "good" computer monitor. You will see that a bad monitor will fade in and out when you are doing the test. It either isn't bright enough, the phosphers aren't staying lit for long enough, whatever the reason. I tried using a Samsung 32" TV, it didn't work. I used a Dell 24" monitor, it worked. You can see the image in the bottom left from the RIGHT and LEFT eye and the target that it is looking at should be a solid image, not fading in out etc.

    3: make sure you use the correct software.
    For the Mavic 2
    DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic This is the title of the software
    approx 200mbyte download

    DJI Assistant 2(Updates discontinued)

    4: If you are using a laptop connected to a big screen… make sure that the laptop screen is disabled and that only the connected monitor is on. The software uses the meta data from Win/Mac to determine the size of the monitor. If you leave the laptop screen mirrored, then the software will think it's calibrating on a 13" screen(laptop) instead of the 24" screen(monitor)

    5: If you feel like the blue and red squares should be lining up and it's not progressing, you probably have the drone 180 degrees (flipped). The software is pretty good at letting you know that you need to flip / rotate your drone.

    6: as mentioned in the video, it is important that the arms are folded in on the side tests.

  7. Daniel Balam

    My vision sensor screen is currently displaying blank screen, I'm running macOS Catalina and HoRIDS ext was unable to download due to incompatibility, might this be the reason why I'm experiencing that issue or might it be something else?

  8. Brendan Foster

    Well this would be cool except no matter what i do or what chord i use the program still recognises the leg as not being folded. How did such a massive design flaw get past the whole team. 'I've got an idea, let's put the USB connection under the folded leg…..'

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