DJI MAVIC 2: How Active Track 2.0 Really Works // Sports Review

Here’s all the details on how Active Track 2.0 really works on the new DJI Mavic 2 (Pro and Zoom models). Does it finally follow properly? And did you know the WiFi/Phone option is now gone? Also, what features are missing or better compared to the Spark, Mavic Air and Mavic Pro? I dive into all the details with multiple test runs in full 4K footage with shots from both the Zoom and Pro/Hassleblad models (most shots are with the Zoom variant).

I cover all the details of how Active Track 2.0 has changed, including the new higher speed limits, 3D mapping using imaging sensors, and much more.

Everything in this video from the air is shot with a Mavic 2 Zoom or Mavic 2 Pro in 4K/30FPS (normal picture profile, no grading/post-production editing). It was uploaded as a FCP-X ProRes export in 4K to YouTube. Ground-camera shots are from the DSLR camera listed below.

Mavic 2:

Note: None of this video is sponsored or paid for in any way.

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44 Replies to “DJI MAVIC 2: How Active Track 2.0 Really Works // Sports Review”

  1. Daniele Iannarelli

    Good video.
    Presumably, it would similarly be able to track me on my motorcycle. If so, (theoretically) would it be able – at the end of battery flight time – to land/settle itself onto the pillion seat of my motorbike while I’m still travelling?

  2. MrSmileygc

    I am still learning to fly my Mavic 2 Zoom, I haven't tried tracking properly yet, so you video is good preparation for me. Thanks.
    I have liked and subscribed to you channel, will you do the same for mine. MrSmileygc

  3. DANIEL Rogness

    Nobody talks about how much limited use these drones actually get. Aerial only video… Pretty boring after a few seconds. Reaching drones at least give some excitement. Thousands of dollars for aerial only, 20-30 minutes footage, restricted by environment and laws/regulations? No thanks, rather just get a GoPro HERO7 Black for a fraction of the cost and capture everything.

  4. D Hansel

    When you have it in active track should you have your controller in "P" mode or "T" mode?
    Do both of these settings have the side sensors active?
    Please let me know… I am new to the Mavic 2 Zoom….

  5. Rod Molyneux

    Great video but when I tried your improvised fix of attaching the DJI controller and iPhone to the bars of my mountain bike it wouldn't connect and the error message Magnetic Interference was shown in the controller. Did you have this problem and if so how did you work around it?

  6. griffn1

    I have not tested this yet with mine, but it was my understanding that if you touch the controls after you start any of the automated flight modes it will automatically cancel that mode and assume you want to take control. Is that not the case with the Active Trac modes?

    Also, When watching your video, it stops following you but it still has you tracked and has a big box flashing that says "GO". If you clicked that would it try to catch back up to you?

  7. Robert Reid

    Thank you! As someone who enjoys the fire roads and trails through forests on my mountain bike, and open country road driving in my kit car, I found this really helpful! I hope more M2 owners post up videos like this, thanks again!

  8. Nicholas Hogue

    Great vid, thank you! I am actually curious how you recorded the audio. I want to use the active track almost like a second shooter so I can conduct an interview while I am walking. Did you just use a lav mic? sounds like it did really well with the end and everything

  9. 400 AGL

    Great video, but I'd like to mention that I didn't recall seeing you turn on APAS, Does APAS work while in active track or other flight modes? I think DJI was bragging up the better software in the APAS setting so if APAS was not active or cannot be active while in auto flight modes I can see where that may become an issue for some. If APAS does work during auto flight modes then it's a huge win for everyone, Including DJI.

  10. Aventureiro Paulek

    How envious of you ours is my dream to be able to buy a Mavic. I do not even have a type of drone … And you already have mavic 2 … 😭😭😭 … Very beautiful guy even … 😭😭😭😭 At this moment I can not contain my tears of emotion … I can perceive in your eyes your happiness and I would very much like to be sighing to receive my incomprehension so dreamed Mavic 2 … If you have some one there played that does not occupy with heart since here I can not buy an excuse to ask, but ugly and steal and can not load … Congratulations to your channel and show … Thank you in advance … Won my 👍and another one inscribed in your channel … May God bless you and enlighten you and be a youtuber of success … Amen … Hug from Aventureiropaulek!

  11. bigblokeonabike

    Is your riding position OK? To me it looks like your shoulders are too hunched and your back too bent over…

    I'm probably wrong but it didn't look quite right to me.

    I'll just go and teach my grandmother what to do with those eggs of hers…

    Great video anyway!

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