DJI – Introducing the Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional

We’ve returned to the Phantom and have redesigned its core systems to bring you the most advanced, forward-thinking aerial videography solution the world has ever seen. The Phantom 3 takes the look and feel of big-budget professional image capture and puts it in the palm of your hand.

Aerials Shot on Phantom 3

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46 Replies to “DJI – Introducing the Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional”

  1. Dell Playz

    Hi I have a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and the live feed on the camera isn't showing my the live feed it is delayed by a couple seconds do you know to fix this problem?


    hey dji team i request to please provide me any of your camera drone for free because i am a big fan of dji but i cant buy you products now as i am student ans has no earnings hope you are so kind and provide me a free camera drone to make my dreams come true
    so i request dji team to please provide me only one camera drone please please

  3. PTM Filmmaker

    Hello Dji, i encountered a problem with my drones camera, the led light on the gimbal right on top of the camera facing forward is always red, starts of green and then goes red the whole time and i dont get any live feed on my phone, its like my camera doesnt show, any help please

  4. Prit Prit

    Hi dji . My name is prit patel .my city name is india , gujrat ,khuch bhuj , bhaveshar nagar ,ashok bhagat . And i love dji phentom 4and 3 and nais luke drone . By

  5. Mickemacken

    What does it mean when my Phantom 3 pro says:
    "Aircraft disconnected, Gimbal Disconnected, Battery Temperature N/A"
    It appears when after I have started the controller, drone and app. The camera works at first but then that message comes up. I can fly it after some restarts, but In gps mode it says: Compass error, switch to atti mode.
    Help would be much appreciated.

  6. rg gamer

    If one day ibought one like this in algeria i will buy it by 1300 us
    More ever maybe they will take it from me because its illegal in our country….fuck

  7. Parsiya Prit

    Hi dji . My name is prit parsiya or muje ek dji phentome 4k drone chaiye phiz kyoki muze jyada jarurat he or muje you tub pe vidio bhi banana he pliz

    (India / gujrat / khuch / bhuj / hospital rod / kiran hospital / unke samne chasme ki dukan pe /)

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