DJI – Introducing the DJI Mavic

The Mavic is DJI’s first compact, personal flying camera. Ultimate image quality and ultimate portability combine in one revolutionary device that will stay with you, whenever you need it to capture that sudden burst of inspiration.

Always follow applicable rules and regulations in your jurisdiction. Permits were obtained, where needed, in locations depicted in this video.

Maximum range specification is provided as a performance measurement only.

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30 Replies to “DJI – Introducing the DJI Mavic”

  1. Alan Michulec

    Hello, I have big problems with my Mavic Pro, I crashed in to bridge and the river and after the cleaning with fresh watter and drying my Mavic wont start, battrry is On but Mavic Wont start. What could be the problem I opened when I cleaned but the parts are ok, I think that is no power from batterry to motherbord. I don't know what to do 🙁 Please help, because for me DJI is the best drone company in the world! And I worked 3 months just to have the drone….


    now those stupir blind losers will shut up when they see a chinese brand like DJI, because those losers cant afford this hhhhhh, they can only buys some cheap shit

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