DJI – Introducing the DJI Goggles

With unparalleled visuals and intuitive controls, DJI Goggles let you experience flight like never before.

DJI Goggles supports Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 series and Inspire series. Some functions will be adapted for different DJI Products.

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45 Replies to “DJI – Introducing the DJI Goggles”

  1. Wolfgang Merneg

    why DJI made a white VR Glass for a black Drone, and than just only??? …today i bought it for my phantom 4 pro+ 2.0, i pluged in but first i nedd is to start with assistant 2, so ok. now 8 h later, the glases are charging from 19pm to now 2:14am, ok maybe its the first full charge what needs that time, no problem. but after all i tried to connect with pc over assistant 2, but nothing happend, the goggles dosent connect, just stock in searching assistant 2. thats why i broked up the unboxing try and charged it first after i tried it with 2 lights of battery. im very unhappy u cannot plug and play like into mavic, …but why ? its same brand ? is it so much different to start goggles on a another own drone ?!…why with mavic plug & play and with full spec phantom u need pc and software download…tell me why ? than i will foret that the battery charging is much higher in real time than in the quick start guide written 😀

  2. Barracuda Drone

    Can someone explain me how to charge the Googles, as I forgot doing it. I haven't use them much and now the cable and the white charger does not fit together and the other cables that come with are not fitting, thanks

  3. Andreo Suro

    when this stuff will be 3D natural VR 120Hz fullHD OR EVEN 4K – please inform :)) i want a VR for rent – so i could fly Monaco r Paris etc streets(with autorestrictions) VR while sitting at home

  4. Caper Brown

    I was told on DJI forums the goggles can be configured to fly the spark. Is this true, how does that work? Atm only my brother can fly it, the controls are too difficult for me because I'm an amputee.

  5. wraqi

    Eh, it's cool. I don't care tho, I like to see my bird. Adam savage on tested made a perfect single eye viewer so u can see your shot and drone effectively. I'm sure Dji will improve on it and I'll get that

  6. Daveycrocker44

    These are dumb. Just got mine today and its just like holding your phone right in front of your face. Big waste of money, very disappointed. There just jumping on the vr hype and thats all this was. Just watch the videos , get hyped, but dont buy them.

  7. Warren NZ

    A few things I'll add after having my Goggles for 2 days:

    It took a while to find out how to get it into tracking mode so it responded to your head movements. Sure it's in the manual somewhere but this might save you some time. Swipe TWO fingers down on the right hand side touch panel and the menu for this pops up.

    If you can't get menus to come up make sure the touchpad isn't locked. There's a lock icon upper right. I think it's 2 fingers forward to do this.

    Use ONE finger only to do menus. 2 fingers is a whole different thing.

    In head tracking mode turn your head a bit to the left or right and hold it there to make the drone yaw. Don't spin around. Put your head straight forward to stop the yaw. Oh and if you take the headset off when it's in this mode the drone might start slow spinning. I changed the mode to "Full Screen" to try to stop it but it didn't. I had to manually stop the yaw with the joystick while landing.

    I cannot get it to read or even see an SD card. I tried 2 Class 10 cards. It won't format or read the card from the Mavic Pro. Anyone who can help would be appreciated.

    Love the Goggles though.

  8. Wikid

    I just got my goggles for my phantom 4. Pretty disappointed. For all the hype they are just goggles. You loose all functions. You only get 3 out of the 8 intelligent flight modes you have on your tablet. The head tilt for the gimbal must only work on the mavic. If you are using a Phantom 4 you have more functions using a $10 pair of goggles and the litchi app. For $500 I wasn't impressed.
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