DJI – Introducing DJI GS Pro

GS Pro or Ground Station Pro can plan complex flight missions with just a few taps while automatically taking pictures at pre-set waypoints, providing the accuracy required for precision mapping. Watch how the new virtual fence feature increases safety and ease of use by locking the aircraft’s height and speed within a designated area.

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35 Replies to “DJI – Introducing DJI GS Pro”

  1. Pat Edwards

    I like DJI products but to call this “pro” software is a stretch for me. I broke my own tradition and purchased an Apple IPad just to use this software and I was disappointed to find the maps were out of date. I was working at an open cut mine and found that the maps still had the location as grassy paddocks? The software is also lacking in many features found on other comparable programmes. I’m sure this is an early release of the software and improvements will be made over time. Looking forward to the update ?.

  2. Wouter Viljoen

    Hi DJI, I seem to struggle to find clear instructions on how to cache a map on the DJI GS Pro. The flight plan is there but NO map when I get to site. Please advise. Or better, can you do a official tutorial on it, please?

  3. JustusLM

    I just wanna point out that nVidia has released a software that can create 3d point maps and whole environments (including accurate water simulations) from pictures that were taken without any specific angle in mind. You just feed it hundreds of images (or more) and it can recognize objects and landmarks that are seen in one image in other images and then it uses hte combined data to create 3d models and textures. It also recognizes water, grass, and so on. This actually gives you the possibility to create something like the map for a gmae from randomly taken real life photos. If you did that with drone photographs (or evne individual frames of raw drone video) you can get a much more accurate representation of your real-life object.
    DJI and nVidia should work together in terms of drone AI (fun fact: nVidia has been working on a drone that navigates, even throught forests, without GPS, just with a camera.).

  4. Juan M Quintero

    hello , can someone help me? please.. dji gs pro doesnt recognize my rc on my ipad ( i just have problem with the RC in that app cause if i switch to dji go app it works perfectly) so in GS PRO i cannot start a fly or a mission cause it says (please connect to RC when its connected ) please HELP MEEEEE

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