DJI Inspire 2 Initial Setup

The initial setup of DJI drones has always had a few bumps for me. In this video I go through the setup process of my new Inspire 2 from DJI.

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28 Replies to “DJI Inspire 2 Initial Setup”

  1. Infinite Altitude

    Ehhh… through the power of editing you could have unboxed, stopped recording to charge the batteries, then continue where you left off seamlessly… lol not really a good excuse but hey there are already plenty of unboxing videos anyhow… great video none the less…

  2. Jack Bisson

    A little piece of information for everyone. You should hold the Inspire 2 by one of the center arms while going from Travel mode to Flight mode. When you leave it on the table or say the ground it pulls the landing gear and eventually causes failures to the motor mount assembly connecting to the side rods. There have been failures of motor assemblies disconnecting from the side rod (connecting the two motors on each side) and the bird crashing to the ground. There is enough clearance to actually hold the drone while going from Travel mode to Flight mode.

  3. Justin Waldman

    I find it incomprehensible that someone can spend so much time on a video and not focus on the subjects of the discussion: the drone and its parts, and the RC + Android. The RC + Android were at the very base of the screen and from 08:30 and one could not see the detail. At 13:30 the device is almost off shot to the right. You talk about the FPV camera but don't show it. FFS. this whole presentation ought to be redone. To have to stare at this dude's face when the items he is talking about should be the main focus of the frame is about as unprofessional as it gets… Very much a thumbs down.

  4. Thomas Wommack

    The updates are nothing. All they do is it slows down your device. My drone got updated and the "gimbal"( DJI said that was the problem) broke. I sent it to them and they made me pay for replacement parts. The drone is worth double now. I got it back a month later and it was a brand new one without stickers(model number, serial number, or my signature I put in it*for tracking my drone). DJI is a joke. Also, it is a phantom. Worst customer service ever, I argued with them for three weeks and my drone was lost during shipping, but they found it in their shipping department.

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