DJI Inspire 1 – Review

For more info on the DJI Inspire, check it out here:
Josh and Eric go over their first impressions of the DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter.
Read more in our writeup here:
Raw DJI Inspire 4K 29.97FPS footage here:
Raw DJI Inspire 1080P 59.97FPS footage here:

48 Replies to “DJI Inspire 1 – Review”

  1. WhatIThinkNation

    Hard to tell if you guys were joking with some of the comments, hard to turn on? (Simple Dji sequence), pilot had antennas crossed many times (poor signal recipe).

    Good shots but could have been a bit more thought out.

    Video seems a bit choppy probably due to Youtube render.

  2. Danny Whitlock

    Awesome episode flying the Inspire 1 !!! I would like to see more of Eric on the show and maybe doing some aerial photography tutorials with other DJI products, Eric has a lot of knowledge and an amazing portfolio about aerial photography. I really enjoyed watching the video of the Inspire 1 and I would purchase the Inspire if I had $4,000 to invest in an awesome quality aerial photography platform !!! Thanks for sharing !!! Josh and Eric enjoy and have a Blessed week !!! Danny

  3. Wahlman Productions

    Thanks for sharing. Question: Almost all the sample footage shown from the drones camera appears jerky. Is that in the raw footage? Is it the gimble trying to counter-act movement? Is that just dropped frames in editing? Etc. 'Jerkyness' like that would never cut it for client work. Thanks

  4. R L

    I have been droning since AUG'16 (a veritable newbie!) and I have subscribed to 50 YouTube channels, most being drone-related… I'm catching up on old footage, and it seems that Flite Test is fast becoming my favorite channel! Thanks for your insight on such RELEVANT topics!

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