49 Replies to “dji inspire 1 crash drone human error”

  1. TypicalBlox

    I know there is going to be comments on my comment saying "no they should get something cheaper" but they should've started with a spark or anything else besides wasting 1000$ Dollars on a drone

  2. GamerJunkie

    I have owned a mavic pro and now currently own a phantom 4 pro , this people are idiots, when I fly I make sure that my take off point has enough room for the drone to land after activating RTH, (I guess I am still a noob lol) the Next thing I do is fly above and building or trees if I want to have a little fun, never crashed a single drone, however when I owned my mavic pro propeller clipped the posts on my landing pad lol, anyone else have there drone stories?

  3. StarlightVisual

    Having built my own multicopters for 10 years, and after flying most of the Phantom and Inspire series, I fail to understand how people manage to crash these. Theyre designed to be as easy to fly as possible, hell, if you cant even fly these you shouldnt try to build and fly your own without all of the pansy-aids.

  4. Nikita Prodanchuk

    Wtf.Why starter pilots on the aircrafts always try power on sport mode,and accelerate to the maximum on him?If you think that crash of your drone is inevitably.You just can power on GPS mode and you just could belive about that your sensors will be working right,and that they save your aircraft…

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