DIY Wall-Mounted Tablet Dashboard for OpenHAB using Dashing and TabletFrame

This is my DIY Home Automation Dashboard. The video is a
quick overview of my Kindle Fire Android tablet displaying a Dashing dashboard for OpenHAB.

This displays the excellent work of smar on the OpenHAB community forum.

6 Replies to “DIY Wall-Mounted Tablet Dashboard for OpenHAB using Dashing and TabletFrame”

  1. sean stockemer

    Awesome video. I'm inspired. I'm going to do something similar in my living room. I was wondering if it would be possible to remotely open the front camera on the Fire, so I could watch my cat 😆 or even further, could that camera be used as a motion detector?

  2. shwagonvids

    Do you have any recommendations for doing something similar without using the Kindle Fire? Love the concept, especially the motion detector function, but looks obsolete due to the lock down of root functionality in the newer Fire OS)

  3. BIBIN N

    Hello, I was trying to use the Smashing/Dashing dashboard with OpenHAB MQTT service. I have the OpenHAB running on a raspberry Pi and it is also working as an MQTT server. And I have few ESP8266 based wireless devices subscribes and publishes to topics with the MQTT server. So with this setup I am able to control the devices using the OpenHAB App from by phone. Now I was trying to use the nice dashboard (Dashing/Smashing) on my tablet and wanted to control the devices. I found an example in the below link which works with Dashing + OpenHAB + REST API. So I was wondering if there is a way to try MQTT combination instead of REST ? Really appreciate your help and suggestion. Kindly let me know if you need more details about what I am trying to do.

    This was the GITHub page I was referring.

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