DIY Netatmo smart thermostat install

If you can wire a plug you can install this. It took longer to drill holes to mount it than it did to wire it in.

People seem to think that smart thermostats are complex. But all they boil down to is a switch that tells the boiler to turn on or off. All the fancy things the boiler does is controlled by a different system. The thermostat is just a switch.

I’m sure the Tado works great. But for us, the website crashed and without completing the web stuff the Tado didn’t work at all and I had to wire the old thermostat back. The Netatmo works without the internet first, and then you can do all the fancy stuff. Plus it’s got an override button to switch the boiler on should everything fail.

Netatmo Smart Thermostat

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  1. Jms 777

    If i have a smart radiator valve in my lounge , can the main thermostat also be in the lounge? when i select these two to be in the same room they both sync with each other and become 1, is this the correct way of doing this?

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